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Harry’s Arctic Heroes

Showing on BBC1 at 9pm on Tuesday 23rd August

UPDATE: See the trailer here. Or here

We’re pleased to announce that the first part of our Walking with the Wounded TV documentary,  ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’, is going to be shown on BBC1 at 9pm on 23rd August.

The two-part documentary, narrated by John Hurt, has been a year in the making and tells the full story of the team’s North Pole expedition.

The show follows the team’s gruelling nine-month training schedule, their personal battles with injury, and contains behind-the-scenes footage of their journey on the ice with Prince Harry.

The second part of ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’ will be shown a week later on Tuesday 30th August at the same time of 9pm.

The soundtrack has been composed by Lorne Balfe working in association with Oscar winning film composer, Hans Zimmer. Lorne Balfe has worked with Hans Zimmer on a multitude of films including Inception, The Dark Knight, Sherlock Holmes and Frost/Nixon as well as a recent charity project for Amnesty International.

We recommend you book your night in front of the TV now! (Or alternatively, set your Sky+ or watch it on BBC iPlayer).

For more information, check out the BBC website.


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