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Everest Audio Diary: Bombs & Bullets

Listen to the Everest Team’s Audio Diary here.

Jaco: Hi Everyone. This is Jaco here from the All Ranks Mess or aka known now as Bombs and Bullets. We are all […] of all. We know everyone one knows there was a earthquake in Nepal. We were all safe in out tents up the mountain at 6200 meters, we felt a slight rumble underneath our bums … but everyone is fine and everyone is safe so no drama with that. First of all just want to thank everyone for their support and everything, all the messages as well.

We are all doing well.  We just spent five days up on a hill over […]. We went from base camp, to camp one spent the night there. And from Camp 1 up to Camp 2 was probably one of the hardest things we have done since we have been here.  We had a day of rest after that then moved up to camp three, we didn’t spend a night there we just touched camp three then came all the way back down to camp two and spent another night there and we are currently at base camp today.

For me personally, it was very very hard. Without a doubt probably one of the most hardest things I have done in my life. I have done some pretty funky stuff but this tops this all and I think we all felt it was really hard, some of the guys suffered a little bit of altitude sickness but we all made it up and we are all safe and sound.

Otherwise everything is going really well.  We are missing everyone back home but we are having a great time out here. The conditions are really great and we have another two days here and then we are doing our final rotation and doing our summit approach in hopefully two or three days time. I am going to hand you over to Andy now, and he is going to say a couple of words, love to you all and see you later, bye bye.


Andy: Hi Everyone. Andy speaking, like Jaco said thanks a lot for the support so far, it has been brilliant.

Myself personally,  I am feeling very strong now. As we go through each phase, I am getting strong by the day so that’s all good. The team is doing very well.

From one to two was by far the hard the hardest day of my life but I am still here to tell the tale. Its going well very well. Back now in Base Camp for two to three days at the most rest. Like Jaco said as well about the earthquake, don’t worry about that, not a massive drama, everybody is safe here back at Base Camp for some hard earned rest.

I would just like to say hello to my fiancée Justine and the kids, love you loads and missing you lots.

And looking forward to two to three days rest before we go again for our final push, hopefully the weather will be right for when we make the move….

[transmission end]

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