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Both Teams Sat am

3 Peaks Team Adds £2821 to the Limitless 2012 total

A challenging weekend was had by 2 teams representing Limitless Challenge and Walking with the Wounded, who set out to tackle the National 3 Peaks in 20 Hours and 24 Hours retrospectively on the 28th July.

The 20 hour team got off to a flying start, and set off up Ben Nevis at a rapid pace. Despite the cloud and rain, they powered up the mountain, summiting in a remarkable 2:15 and making it back down in 1hr for a total time of 3:15 against a target of 4 hours.

Things got a little interesting on Scafell, when one of the team had forgotten to eat enough of his sausage pasta, and ran out of gas half way up the mountain. After a few energy gels and he was back on his way, and the team made it back to base for a total time of 2:45, 15 minutes ahead of target and now in line or a 19 hour finish.

Snowdon, and darkness, low fog from 400m, high winds and driving rain rendered the popular ‘Pyg Track’ utterly treacherous. The team’s ambitions for a 19 hour finish quickly turned to ‘getting everyone back in one piece’, as they were left scrambling up ridges and traversing precarious ledges in a bid to make it to the top.

Eventually, the team made it back to the car safely, but their troubles on Snowdon meant their time for that mountain stretched out to over 6 hours, for a total 3 Peaks time of a disappointing, yet nonetheless impressive, 21hrs54.

24 Hour Team

The 24 Hour team started strongly, making good time up Ben Nevis and finishing bang on target in just over 5 hours.
The team arrived at Scafell on schedule and made steady progress up the mountain. Concentration clearly lapsed coming down, as a number of the team members, including their leader, opted for the speedy descent route and took a little tumble. Battered and bruised, they all made it back to base, still on for the 24 hour finish.

Snowdon then, and the team did a superb job. With the dawn light beginning to rise over the horizon, they powered up the Pyg Track and made it back to their car in bang on their 4 hour target and with time for a cup of tea within the 24 hour limit. With all team members back in 23:55, it really was a monumental performance!

Limitless 2012 leader Richard Allinson said of the challenge “If anything, the 3 Peaks adventure proved to be a greater challenge than the one I had planned. The first 2 mountains tested our fitness and strength. The last tested our resilience and determination. Both tests, I’m pleased to say, we passed with flying colours, and with the good sense of humour that has become the Limitless 2012 standard”


The next challenge in the Limitless Challenge calendar is IronMan Wales. On the 16th September, Richard will be aiming to complete the gruelling Pembrokeshire course, comprised of a 2.4mile swim, a 112 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile run.



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