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Support our Wounded Taking Part in the Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games represents the pinnacle of achievement for those overcoming their disabilities.

Amongst this year’s competitors are some of our wounded servicemen and women who have not only overcome their injuries but have become the leading proponents in the sports they represent.

Here is an overview of wounded servicemen who are competing in the Paralympics and the sports they represent as well as times

30.08.2012: Sitting Volleyball (Men) – 14.00

Netra Rana and Charlie Walker

Netra Rana of the Royal Gurkha Rifles was injured by an explosion when his vehicle hit an IED in Afghanistan in 2008.

Charlie Walker is a 29 year old, former bomb disposal expert whose legs were amputated after suffering from a bout of meningitis.

31.08.2012: Sitting Volleyball (Women) – 09.00

Samantha Bowen

Samantha Bowen served with 32 Regiment the Royal Artillery and suffered severe leg injuries after her base was attacked in Al Amara, Iraq. She is paralysed below her right knee and suffers from PTSD. She told the Daily Mail ‘I still suffer from nightmares. I can smell the smells on the night’.

31.08.2012: Rowing Mixed Double Sculls – 10.50

Nick Beighton

Nick Beighton is a serving Captain in the British Army with the Royal Engineers and lost both his legs in an explosion in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He was encouraged to row as part of his rehabilitation at Hedley Court, telling the Sun newspaper, ‘It’s been an incredible few years. Something very good has come out of something quite terrible‘.

31.08.2012: Track Cycling  – 14.00 

06.09.2012: Road Race –  10.30

Jon-Allan Butterworth

Jon-Allan Butterworth is the para-cycling world champion. Before his cycling success he served in the RAF from 2002. Jon  served in Afghanistan as a SAC(T) Weapons Technician where he lost his arm after a rocket exploded next to him. Medics had to later amputate his arm due to the serious nature of the injuries.

31.08.2012: Discus – 19.00

Derek Derenalagi

Derek Derenalagi  serves in the 2nd Battallion the Mercian Regiment. He was once pronounced dead after his vehicle hit an IED while he was driving in Afghanistan. It was only once medics opened the body bag to identify the body they realised that Derek was still alive. He recently won the European Paralympic Championships with a throw of 41.41 metres, so he has high hopes for the Paralympics.

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