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Hardcore Fundraising at the Tough Guy Challenge 2013

Congratulations and thanks must go to fundraiser, John Dickson, who completed the Tough Guy Challenge 2013 on Sunday 27 January. John completed the course – which includes a series of imposing obstacles – in under 2hrs 45mins. The story gets even more heroic than that. When we spoke to John to thank him for fundraising and to see how he had done, he told us that the Tough Guy Challenge had been a great experience but that it didn’t go totally to plan.

After starting the race with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, John set off at a decent pace but whilst crossing a log bridge John slipped and fell to the floor. Having landed with a thud his first thought was that he would be nursing a hefty bruise which he could show off for the following few days. Not wanting to lose momentum, John picked himself up and powered on, ignoring the pain in his leg.

The race continued and the pain worsened but John showed determination and resilience as he gritted his teeth and carried on. He managed to cross the line with his head held high in a time of 2hrs 45mins, which is a great result regardless of any injury. After the race, John sought ice to ease the pain in his leg and returned home to reflect on his achievements and have a well-earned rest, but the injury resulting from the innocuous fall was still causing him trouble that evening.

“It was only the next day that I went to the medical centre to get it checked out and the X-ray showed I had broken my left fibula! Despite the inconvenience I really enjoyed the challenge, and I am kicking myself – with my good leg – that I was silly enough to slip off a log at what was one of the easiest parts of the course!”

Our thanks go to John for the commitment he showed and, of course, the money he raised.

You can keep making donations in support of his fabulous efforts at

If you want to be a fundraising star like John then contact Sharon at Walking With The Wounded HQ:

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