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City Endeavour Challenge 2013

Good luck from everyone at Walking With The Wounded to the team of four that will take part in the City Endeavour Challenge 2013 and head to the North Pole in April to support us.

The team consists of Simon Kiley and James Greenly, Director and Portfolio Specialist respectively at Norwich-based independent advice firm RJL, and Matthew Deeprose, Sales Director at Dominion Funds.

They had the idea after seeing Harry’S Arctic Heroes, the two-part documentary on BBC One, taking part in the 2011 Expedition to the North Pole with Walking With The Wounded. Read more about North Pole 2011 here.

Following 12 months training and a period of acclimatisation, the team will move on from Arctic Norway to the Russian Ice Camp at Barneo. The team will then be equipped with cross country skis and their own personal pulk, a specially designed Arctic sledge, which they will use to transport their supplies and kit.

According to the team, one of the hardest challenges will probably be isolation. With heads fully covered, severe gales most days and walking single file, each member will have communication between rest stops limited to basic hand gestures. It has been sad that the challenge is 30% physical and 70% mental.

” Being in the most brutal environment on earth, small issues can become big issues very quickly. The team will constantly be aware of frost bite, snow blindness, blistering, and a host of other physical challenges. With Simon being a type 1 diabetic, understanding his needs and ensuring that all aware of the potential danger signs is key. Whilst being armed, the team will have to be aware of polar bears and when crossing open water, black sharks underneath.”
Matthew Deeprose

After a period of approximately two weeks, the team will be collected by a Russian Military Helicopter from the North Pole and flown back to Barneo.

The City Endeavour Challenge 2013 hopes to raise a £1,000,000 for wounded service personnel.

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