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Trois Etapes Prologue

Format: Individual Time Trial
Date: Friday, 26 July 2013
Distance: 9.5km (completed time section)
Start: Albiez le Vieux
Finish: Albiez le Jeune

The 9,5km Prologue, a gently undulating course between the alpine villages of Albiez-le-Jeune and Albiez-le-Vieux, will take place on Friday 26 July. Amateur riders will start in alphabetical order in one minute intervals between each other.

The total time for the fastest 6 riders from each team (amateurs or pros) will determine the team rankings for the Prologue.

The fastest team will be awarded 10 points, the second fastest team will be awarded 9 points and so on to the tenth fastest team which will be awarded 1 point.
There are a maximum of 10 points available per team for the Prologue.

Like the early days of the Tour de France, the Trois Etapes pro-am cycle race is a points-based competition.

After scandals rocked the 1904 Tour de France, the rules were changed for the 1905 Tour de France: the winner was no longer determined by the time system. Instead, the ranking was calculated by using the points system. The cyclists received points equal to their ranking in the stage, and the cyclist leading the points classification was the winner of the race. After the 1912 Tour de France, the system was changed back to the time system that is still in use.

There are a maximum of 100 points to be won by any team over the duration of the Trois Etapes. The team in each division (“Elite” and “Masters”) with the most points at the end of Stage 3 will be the winners of the Trois Etapes 2013.

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