Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Goldman Sachs Provides Trois Etapes 2013 With a Prize Money

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In 2012, three Goldman Sachs partners, past and present, rode the inaugural Trois Etapes. Goldman Sachs Gives provided a $300,000 prize pool which was shared between the participating charities. This year, eight Goldman Sachs partners and a number of their colleagues competed in the Trois Etapes 2013 cycle race and Goldman Sachs Gives has, once again, offered to fund a prize pool of  for the 15 charity teams.

“We are delighted that Goldman Sachs Gives, an extraordinary initiative in the field of personal and corporate philanthropy, have once again supported the Trois Etapes in 2013. This year’s prize fund makes a huge difference to our charity partner Walking With The Wounded, enabling them to enhance the lives of  wounded servicemen and women across the globe. We extend our sincere thanks to the partners and staff at Goldman Sachs for their ongoing support.”                                                

 – Niels Bryan-Low, CEO of Cosaveli

“It was an amazing experience to ride together with professionals and so many other dedicated people under incredible conditions and in breath taking scenery, but most importantly to help raise awareness and critical funds for some wonderful and important causes.”                                                                                        

– Peter Oppenheimer, Goldman Sachs Partner who participated in the event

Listen to Terry Byrne’s voice diary as he extends his thanks to Goldman Sachs Gives for their support.

“Fantastic event…huge effort from the team…great leadership from Mark Beaumont…great to see £10,730 prize money donated by Goldman Sachs Gives to fund the retraining of wounded service men and women like me, assisting their transition into a post-military career”

– Terry Byrne

Donations can still be made to support this great cause by clicking here.

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