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Josh Rice Takes On Six Months, 6 Challenges

Josh Rice is a British Army Officer in the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

Whilst being dedicated to his role in the British Army, Josh has decided he wants to go that extra mile (in more ways than one) over the next six months to help raise funds and awareness for Walking With The Wounded.

He hopes to capitalise on any available free time he has and use it productively to raise money for ex-service personnel returning home in life altering circumstances, and also inspire a positive morale and atmosphere around his own camp as a result of the unique challenges he intends to set himself.

Each month he will take on a new challenge designed to test him physically, mentally and all with absolute humility in a variety of unique tasks.

The challenges have been set and now Josh is looking for backing from you, friends, family and figures of influence in order to raise as much money as possible for a great cause.

Any tips, advice or mockery will be warmly received and you can send and upload messages on his Facebook page.

To support Josh over his six month’s please donate via his Just Giving page.


Run with Mo – He has set himself an audacious target to match Mo Farah’s minute mile speed during Mo’s Olympic Gold medal winning 10k performance – broken down he need to be able to run a mile in 4 minutes 35 seconds.  His current best is 5 mins 50 secs so he will need to have off 1 min 10 secs over the next month, which is a tough ask for such a short distance.

Josh recently spoke on the build up to his first challenge:

‘The climate is hot and dusty. Training is tough but the facilities aid to combat it. My Run with Mo training will commence in a few days and I’m raring to go. We’re looking at producing a video in the next few days to kick start our social media package – so keep your eyes out for its release. Until then I’m eager to get any feedback on the 2km row challenge. I had a warm down after Operations today on the rowing machine and it appears breaking the Sub 7:30.00 barrier is too easy. What times do you suggest to bring the pain to Six Months – Six Challenges?’

-Josh Rice, British Army Officer, Royal Regiment of Artillery, 28th September 2013

But how is his training going…

‘Day one of training to run with Mo has been emotional! The heat, dehydration and dusty climate has added a hightened complexity to this challenge. I will have to take a look at my diet and fluid intake to provide me with more of the correct nutrients and salts whilst training… I am currently losing my body fat, however at a good rate thanks to the intensity of the heat and heavy carrying loads. I’ll be just like Mo in no time…’

-Josh Rice, British Army Officer, Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1st October 2013

And what does the rest of the six months hold for Josh?

Becoming Romeo – The challenge for Josh is to learn the lines of Romeo from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet over the course of a month, and be capable of enacting these in a performance for his colleagues at the end of December in a Christmas play.

Beating Bale – Many of you may have watched the biggest transfer in football history this summer, but it became apparent to Josh that Gareth Bale seemed to struggle to put more than 10 kick ups together.  Feeling more at homr with a rugby ball in his hands, Josh over the course of January will be enlisting the support of his more talented soldiers in an attempt to average 50 kicks up during 3 attempts.  If you know a pro who would be willing to offer their advice please get them to upload a video on Josh’s Facebook page.

The world’s capital cities – Josh is a former Geography student at Birmingham University so you might think this would be a relatively straightforward challenge for him, but when recently questioned about the capital city of South Africa, Josh was a little rusty in his answer.  At the end of March Josh will be quizzed by fellow colleagues on 50 countries and will have to score 45 or more correctly to pass this challenge.

Olympic Row – The sub 7:33.35 2 km row. The current world record for a single scull 2 km row is set by New Zealand’s Mahé Drysdale at 6:33.35 with the women’s record being 30 seconds behind. Add another 30 seconds to that and Josh hopes to be crossing the finish line. Any tips and hints from Olympic medal winning rowers would be greatly appreciated!

The Final Challenge – For his final challenge Josh would like you guys to set it. With each donation it would be great if you could put forward a challenge idea (please bear in mind any potential limitations to equipment at his disposal but be as creative as possible.)
Follow all the action via his Facebook page where Josh will upload his latest videos, pictures and updates on how he is getting on.

Josh will be writing his own personal blog page, bringing you all the current news about his training, so please check it out where you can also show your support in donating to his efforts.

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