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Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Ibi Ali Talks About His Kilimanjaro Climb with 8 WWTW fundraisers

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Check out the voice diary by Team Glenfiddich‘s Ibi Ali as he talks about his Kilimanjaro climb together with 8 fundriasers. Supported by Private Expeditions, the group and their guides took the Machame route to reach the Uhuru Peak, known as the Roof of Africa.

“Amazing trip, seven days of stunning sceneries, great exercise in terms of long hikes, a minimum of four hours through to the day of the summit which was about 12 hours walk in total and something like 30km covered. It was an amazing feeling to get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to Uhuru Peak. Tough, tough day, that was. Starting out at midnight and it took us six and a half hours to get to the summit going from basecamp at 4,600 metres all the way up to the summit at 6,895 metres …”

– Ibi  Ali, Team Glenfiddich

Please click here to have a look at the Facebook photo album of the climb and click here to read the group blog.

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