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Run With Mo, Josh Rice Takes On Six Months, Six Challenges

Josh’s first challenge was a true test of athleticism in a bid to retrace the footsteps of Mo Farah.

Run with Mo – Quite simply I have set myself an audacious target to match Mo Farah’s minute mile speed during his Olympic Gold medal winning 10k performance. Broken down I will train over the month of November with the ambition to be able to run a mile in 4 minutes 35 seconds. My current best is 5 mins 50 secs so I will need to train to run 1 min 10 secs quicker than this. Tough over extremely short distance.”

– Josh Rice

Josh has found his first challenge difficult balancing the physical capabilities required while serving out in Afghanistan, with the specific speed training required to shave off valuable seconds to his mile time. What started out as a fitness test turned into a scientific and nutritional project as he has looked to strip body weight and find the time and facilities to undertake agility training.

The stats in the build up to the challenge speak for themselves in what Josh was able to achieve:

Average seconds knocked off the mile in a week – 11.32secs
Total time knocked off the mile sprint – 45.29secs
Hours training for the challenge in the month – 22.5hrs
Stress of completing the challenge without embarrassment – Plenty

So what were the final results?

The time set by Mo Farah was 4mins 35.00secs

Time achieved 5mins 04.31secs

So, unfortunately Josh did not manage to achieve his first challenge target, however, Josh’s heroic efforts have already managed to raise £570.00 for Walking With The Wounded.

Josh’s next challenge is a mental challenge: Naming the world’s capital cities – Josh is a former Geography student at Birmingham University so you might think this would be a relatively straightforward challenge for him, but when recently questioned about the capital city of South Africa, Josh was a little rusty in his answer.  At the end of March Josh will be quizzed by fellow colleagues on 50 countries and will have to score 45 or more correctly to pass this challenge.

Follow Josh’s training and next challenge via his Facebook page. Josh has set himself a target of raising over £2000 for Walking With The Wounded -you can donate towards Josh’s Six Months, Six Challenges via his Just Giving page.

“The next one will be Capital Cities of the World. I have high hopes of nailing this one! Hopefully my Geography degree will come in handy. Time to see if the debt of a student loan was worth it…”

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