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Virgin Money Puts Team Glenfiddich On Ice

As sponsors of the South Pole Allied Challenge 2013, Virgin Money got creative with ice sculptures for their Harry’s South Pole Heroes idents on ITV!

If you were watching Harry’s South Pole Heroes on Sunday night, you may have noticed that Virgin Money created some incredible idents!

Teaming up with Hamilton Ice Sculptures, Virgin Money chiseled four ice sculptures of the wounded servicemen and women who made up the British team, Team Glenfiddich, and filmed their creation in a location set-up to look like Antarctica. Duncan Slater, Ibrar Ali, Kate Philp and Guy Disney were all created and you can watch the behind the scenes video below:

On Monday, passers-by were able to witness the ice sculptures first-hand as Ibrar and Kate’s representations were on display in Granary Square in King’s Cross (until they melted!).

Watch this Sunday’s final episode of Harry’s South Pole Heroes to see more of Virgin Money’s amazing sculptures.

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