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MdS: Day One In The Desert

The Marathon des Sables kicked off on Sunday with an incredible 1,169 runners working their way over the dunes in scorching 40C heat. The first day covered 34km, 15km of which were incredibly challenging sand dunes and Adam and Rose from the Walking With The Wounded team have sent in their first day’s update…

First leg finished, 34km in 4hr 45min, which puts me in 68th place (out of 1029 starters) and 13th Brit (I think) very happy! It was a very hard day consisting of 15km of huge sand dunes and temperatures of over 40 degree. They usually have the “dune day” later in the week so to have it on day one was very tough. Feeling ok though! Tomorrow is 41 km but at least my pack will be lighter as I get through my food. Feet aren’t too bad, body aches but looking forward to another day.

– Adam Chapman

Day one done. Walked a lot of it.  First 15km were dunes – they were so beautiful, like nothing I have ever seen. Stunning! But, they took a lot out of me so was much slower than I would have liked. It is hard. The sun is so hot and the sand makes it very slow. Had a minor fit when I looked at GPS and it said I’d done 7km (I thought I’d done way more) then realised I’d set watch to miles… Dur! Amazing what a low that put me in until I realised my mistake – This is a mental test. Have been told it was the hardest first day ever. Hope for let up tomorrow.

No blisters, pray it stays that way. Legs holding up, shoulders sore, legs covered in nasty hives from heat. Thank you for my food parcel messages – such a boost. Loved my card! 

Love to you all, I think about you all a lot. Thank you for your support, it is all coming out in this ‘other world’ I find myself in – far far away from you all – feels/looks like another planet!

– Rose Kingscote

All five members of the team are doing this challenge to fundraise for Walking With The Wounded, so please donate to their just giving page by clicking on their name. Accompanying their name is their list number, and each competitor can be sent a message of good luck and support.

Adam Chapman – 541

Jack Daniell – 565

Jamie Chisholm – 543

Rose Kingscote – 679

Chris Smith – 809

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This is a mental test. Have been told it was the hardest first day ever. Hope for let up tomorrow. - Rose

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