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MdS: Day Two In The Desert

On day two the Marathon des Sables runners have covered 41km, and the temperatures are higher every day: 34°C  on stage 2 and it looks like is going to be 37°C for stage 3. Weather forecasts say that it will be even hotter for the long stage (81km) on Wednesday making the challenge even tougher for all the brave runners.

Our Walking With The Wounded team sent some updates from the race after stage 2 below, let’s keep sending them our support by donating!

Hello again,
Thanks to those who’ve sent me emails – most popular guy in the tent! They were great to receive.
OK, that’s 2 down, but the 3 hardest stages are still to come! After yesterday’s 34km (with dunes) we faced 41km today, and the temperature went up: 32°C yesterday, 34°C today, 37°C tomorrow I hear. And hotter for the long stage (81km) on Wednesday. Fab!
If I thought I’d overdone it yesterday, I’m certain I did today. When I overtook my marine buddies I knew I was probably pushing it, but it felt OK (ish!) To finish in the top 100 was a huge surprise, and a worry. I need to walk a lot tomorrow and save myself.
Just had a minor haematoma (blister) looked at by the brilliant Doc Trotters, but am basically in good shape, just tired. But everyone is. Critically, I’m still loving it. Thanks to WWTW, and to my donors – keep digging deep!

– Jamie Chisholm

I was speaking to some veterans and they told me that yesterday was the hardest first day in a long time! The organisers even extended the cut off time by an hour to allow more people to finish in time. Despite this there were 27 less people on the start line this morning. The start line involved playing ACDC’s “High way to hell” at full volume whilst a helicopter circled only a few metres above everyone – pretty cool. Today felt as bad as yesterday but I don’t suppose there are any easy days on the MdS! The terrain was a mixture of all sorts and included a very large hill which was just cruel. I improved on yesterday by coming in 60th position!

– Adam Chapman

‘Thank you for all your comms management, just got a mountain of emails which made my day and eased the pain of my blistered back. 25mile stage today, flat rocky terrain. Teamed up with one of my tent mates and we goaded each other on. Walking 100m and running 300m then rewarding ourselves with nuts regularly. Magic having a buddy, we made some serious ground and I have moved up 250 places in the ranking (not that it should matter  – but I am getting competitive now!).
The last 9 miles I was on my own, music came out for the 1st time which helped me deal with the endless barron landscape of black, sharp rocks. The temperature reached 50degrees, ‘do you hear the people sing’ came on just when spirits were low, that got me through, what power a song has when emotions are raw  – managing food, salt and water is important-learning fast. There are a lot of lame looking people in camp and some monster back rubs – I am thanking my lucky stars for my minor blisters/rubs. Big day of dunes tomorrow…..’

– Rose Kingscote

All five members of the team are doing this challenge to fundraise for Walking With The Wounded, so please donate to their just giving page by clicking on their name. Accompanying their name is their list number, and each competitor can be sent a message of good luck and support.

Adam Chapman – 541

Jack Daniell – 565

Jamie Chisholm – 543

Rose Kingscote – 679

Chris Smith – 809

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Thanks to those who've sent me emails - most popular guy in the tent! They were great to receive.

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