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MdS: Day Three In The Desert

Yesterday was day three of the toughest foot race on Earth and all of the Walking With The Wounded team competitors are feeling the strain. With the longest day in front of them today, they have a long way to go and every show of support and donation will keep them pushing for that finish line…

What was supposed to be an easy day before the big one tomorrow… hell no, hell being a word that was in my head a lot. It was 40.7 C in the shade (I questioned them as to where they found shade in the desert!). Training can get you fit, heat acclimatisation can help you prepare and food preparation can fuel, but nothing will arm you for days of endless sand. Loads of dunes which never ended followed by dried out riverbeds with a bed of… sand. And if it wasn’t sand, it was earth so cracked I was tempted to give it a drink.

However beautiful the scenery, my aim was to get home but it was so hard to get into a rhythm. I’ve got a few blisters and tired legs but I’m okay.

It’s the big 50km tomorrow – joy! I’m expecting to be on my feet for 16-18 hours. Thank you for your messages, I read each one several times and carry them with me – they’re worth the extra weight. Thinking of you all and I am humbled by the support – thank you!

– Rose Kingscote

Today was very hard again, seems to be getting hotter although I think fatigue is kicking in as well. Lots of sand dunes again and a small mountain in the middle – cruel planning.  Paid my first visit to the infamous Doc Trotters yesterday who kindly put 3 holes through my big toe nail and squeezed the blood out. I must have kicked a rock because the whole nail is dead. It’s even worse today and they emptied half a syringe out of the base of the nail – painful!!!! Oh, and I have some blisters as well. Just hope the nail stays on until the end of the race. The dreaded “long day” tomorrow which will be very challenging – there are a lot of sore and tired people here…

– Adam Chapman

All five members of the team are doing this challenge to fundraise for Walking With The Wounded, so please donate to their just giving page by clicking on their name. Accompanying their name is their list number, and each competitor can be sent a message of good luck and support.

Adam Chapman – 541

Jack Daniell – 565

Jamie Chisholm – 543

Rose Kingscote – 679

Chris Smith – 809

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The dreaded "long day" tomorrow which will be very challenging - there are a lot of sore and tired people here... - Adam

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