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MdS: Day Four In The Desert

It’s day four for our brave Marathon des Sables runners, and they have completed their longest stage: 52 miles in the Sahara Desert under the boiling sun. The worst should be over now, but they are starting to feel the fatigue so they need all your support and your donations to make it to the end of the toughest foot race on earth!

After such a tough day, none of our runners had any powers left to send us an update a part from a short self-explanatory quote from Adam who is currently 30th overall and 3rd British competitor overall! We have also added a commentary written by Rose’s partner on her behalf.

“Just finished the long day – fricken horrrendous. Feet are in tatters and I’m soooo tired. Very, very hard but think I did ok.  At least I will be in bed soon unlike most of the other poor souls!”

– Adam Chapman

 Morning All! Sadly no word from Rose as she’s still skipping through the desert probably pretty keen to curl up in her sleeping bag right now and get to the end, and the hard desert floor of her tent will feel like the most heavenly mattress ever made…

However she’s got 20km or so still to run – I’ve run some numbers and think she’ll come in around 03.15am and 4am desert time (1hr behind UK time). So for any insomniacs you might be able to glimpse her on the race webcam crossing the finish line on her way to bed!

Rose’s average speed has stayed pretty strong around the 4.6km/hr mark from what I can work out – though she slowed down a lot before check point 4 – so perhaps she stopped to have some supper and perhaps put on some warmer clothes once the sun had disappeared. Rose was then fast into check point 5 at 5.19km/hr…. There is the chance to stop and sleep at a checkpoint and finish the course tomorrow but I’m sure Rose will press on tonight…the competitive spirit seems lively..!

She’s doing fantastically and hopefully we’ll get a good update tomorrow as it’s a rest day until the marathon distance on Friday. As of this morning 91 people had dropped out of the race & the photos today look like they’ve had to tackle some very steep ground indeed – on hands and knees at points….

Stay tuned and thanks for all your continued support!  Sleep well!!

– Oliver  Hicks, on behalf of Rose Kingscote

All five members of the team are doing this challenge to fundraise for Walking With The Wounded, so please donate to their just giving page by clicking on their name. Accompanying their name is their list number, and each competitor can be sent a message of good luck and support.

Adam Chapman – 541

Jack Daniell – 565

Jamie Chisholm – 543

Rose Kingscote – 679

Chris Smith – 809

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