Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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WWTW School Photots 047

A Thrilling Three Legged Challenge!

Almost 11,000 students took part in an incredible Guinness World Record Attempt on Friday 2nd May by running 200m…tied together!

2pm on Friday 2nd May saw thousands of students cross their school starting line tied together at the ankle to raise money for Walking With The Wounded and attempt to break a Guinness World Record. The afternoon went ahead with great success and we would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to all who took part.

Over 40 schools participated in the event and even though they were spaced far and wide across the country, the sense of community and team-work created through taking part in such a brilliant fundraising activity was clear. Just take a look at some of the photographs for proof!

Thank you again to the students and teachers for making the event such a success, and keep an eye on the Walking With The Wounded website for news of the Guinness World Record Attempt later this year.

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