Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Top 50 Furthest Walkers for WHFC

See who is walking the furthest for Walking Home For Christmas – the Top 50 will earn a free tea caddy from Williamson Tea!

With sign ups to Walking Home for Christmas flooding in, we thought it would be a great time to highlight our current Top 50 walkers (listed below) who will be walking the longest distances home.

Special mention should go to our elite group of six walkers so far who will each be covering more than 100 miles on their individual journeys, a staggering distance.

Top of the tree at the moment is Paul Marron, a 53-year-old stone mason who will be setting off on 17 December from Edinburgh and walking 203 miles along the tortuously windy coastal path to Newcastle and then inland to Wylam, sleeping out each night en route. He aims to be home in time for his dog Reggie’s birthday on Christmas Eve and his own 53rd birthday on 28 December. A remarkable effort which really brings home the Walking with the Wounded message supporting our homeless veterans.

“I’ve got a friend at work who struggled quite a bit when he came out of the military and when I saw this campaign I thought it was perfect,” he said.  “It’s a time of year when the homeless feel it the hardest.

“I’ve not been away this year so this is my holiday. Gets us out of the Christmas shopping though as my wife’s not joining me funnily enough.”

On Paul’s fundraising page his wife Jill has donated and commented: “Make sure you are home for Christmas. My mad husband x”

Please join Paul and sign up: Any distance makes a difference to our homess ex-service men and women

All those who are in the top 50 furthest walkers come 15 December will get a free Williamson Tea snowflake caddy to take home, the perfect Christmas gift, so get signing up now!

Think you should be in the Top 50 furthest walkers? If you’ve signed up and your name isn’t on the list below when it should be,  it may be because you haven’t entered your mileage on the website so do please edit your entry. (List last updated 05 January 2015).


Name Start Finish Distance
Paul Marron Edinburgh Wylam 203
Jules Roberts Pall Mall, London Alsager, Stoke on Trent 160
Cat Lawson Work Cheadle Hulme 156
David Barnes Guildhall London Guildhall Bath 108
Harry Bucknall St Pauls Cathedral Donhead St Andrew 102
Jock Davis St Pauls Cathedral Donhead St Andrew 102
Stuart Doughty RFU Twickenham Bath Rugby, The Recreation Ground 100
Marcus Samperi Tooting Broadway Whitnash 95
Simon Semrau Skegness Nottingham 90
Colin Shubrook 9 Devonshire Square Andover 73
Gary Hall Kings Langley Highworth 70
Ian Kennett London Folkestone 70
Adrian Hall Kings Langley Highworth 70
Graham Bell Hammersmith Bridge Henley on Thames 57
Gary Connery Hammersmith Bridge Henley on Thames 57
Ben Hargreaves Hammersmith Bridge henley on Thames 57
Hannah Lewis 54
James Watson Lincoln Parents home 53
Will Mason RAF Shawbury Worcester 52
Sarah Langham Mapperley Park, Nottingham Lubenham, Leicestershire 50
Ross Clark Kings Hill Dover 50
Simon Ferguson Normanton Pocklington 45
Stephen Edwards Covent Garden, London Haslemere 45
Grant Vernon Winchester Wimborne 40
Charlie Charalambous Central London Bucks 40
Jon Street Southwark Bridge Bishops Stortford 40
Mark Wallis 40
Mark Greenwood 40
Gareth Bowen 40
Maria Timson Maidstone Folkestone 40
Dave Parkinson Guildford Police Station Havant 38
Steven Cann RAF Wittering Sleaford 37
Geoffrey Wady Liverpool Royal Hospital Winsford, Cheshire 35
Sally Schofield Upavon Newbury 35
Geof Loe MA Build Office MY House 34
Daniel Newman Swindon Gloucester 33
Ian Siggers Dock Road, Chatham Bryony Drive, Ashford 33
Shane Wakeling Bury Street, London Dunstable 33
Gavin Staff Norwich Gorleston 30
Alison Ashbolt Milton Keynes Aylesbury 30
Janey Wise Crawley Court, Winchester Ringwood 30
Rachel Jenkins Ponthir, Newport Ponthir, Newport 30
Chris Marsh Ponthir, Newport Ponthir, Newport 30
Martha Jones Chatham Dockyard Historical Society, Museum Of The Royal Dockyard, Chatham St Georges RAF Chapel Church, Main Rd, Westerham 30
Jess Nicol-Smith Chatham Dockyard Historical Society, Museum Of The Royal Dockyard, Chatham St Georges RAF Chapel, Main Rd, Westerham 30
Duncan Geddes Corby Northampton 30
Simon Lea-Armstrong Thaxted Thaxted (via Braintree CM77 7AA) 28 mile round trip 28
Brendan Dolan Tamworth Kegworth 28
Rachel Mustill Work Home 25

Certainly some impressive distances in there and something to aim at for those signing up and looking to make our top 50! All those who sign up will get a 25% discount on the Williamson Tea snowflake caddy (with £1 from every purchase going to WWTW), no matter how far you walk, and every 100th sign up will get a free pair of New Balance trainers of their choice so get signed up to Walk Home for Christmas now!

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