Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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London marathon runners collage

Meet our London Marathon team for 2015

Here are some of the adventurous men and women who will be joining our CEO Ed Parker and double amputee South Pole expedition member Duncan Slater braving the 26.2 miles of the Virgin Money London Marathon on 26 April to raise valuable funds for Walking With The Wounded. Please read. Please support. Please cheer wildly if you see them.


Mark Patterson

Age: 46

From: Chelmsford

Time: FINISHED in 4:59!

Why?  After I was recently diagnosed with Cancer I thought I’d better crack on and run the London Marathon before it’s too late as it is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I live in Essex with my daughter and work in the City within the Insurance market. I’m Army Reservist and a member of the HAC (Honourable Artillery Company) active unit after managing to pass the recruits course at the age of 43 (my nickname was Dad) and when I went to Afghanistan with the 5th Regt Royal Artillery in 2013 my nickname was then upgraded to Grandad.

Can’t wait to for race day!

Mark’s Fundraising Page

Major Garrath Williams

Age: 40

From: London

Time: FINISHED in 4:10!

Why? I ran my first (and I promised it would be my last) marathon 7 years ago on the Gold Coast in Australia, and am dusting off my trainers to fundraise for Walking With the Wounded. I’ve served in both the British & Australian Armies and am currently the Australian Army Liaison Officer in London.

25th April 2015 will mark 100 years since British and Commonwealth troops landed at various beaches on the Gallipoli Peninsula and thousands of them were killed.  The 2015 London Marathon takes place on 26th April, so on the 25th I will attend a Service at the Australian War Memorial in London then take part in the largest Anzac/Gallipoli Parade ever seen in London, at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, and attend a service at Westminster Abbey. Less than 24 hours later I will swap my ceremonial uniform for a WWTW running vest and run 26.4 miles (or 42.2 KM in Australian money) to raise money for troops wounded in the latest of our wars. It’s a great honour to run the marathon for such a cause and perfect motivation during the cold winter mornings out training!

Garrath’s Fundraising Page

Rhian Westcott





Age: 32

From: Cheltenham

Time: FINISHED in 5:22!

Why? Running the London Marathon will be my greatest physical and mental challenge to date – not being built for long distance running is an understatement!

However, I couldn’t be more proud than to be running for WWTW. All the pain, sweat and tears will be worth it. WWTW help rebuild the lives of the selfless servicemen and women that risk their lives for us and our Country.

Rhian’s Fundraising Page

Jerry Milner





Age: 38 (39 for the marathons)

From: Royal Tunbridge Wells

Time: FINISHED in 4:40!

Why? I always thought a marathon was too long for me. I have done a few half marathons but my wife ran London last year, and being amongst the atmosphere in London and seeing the amount of charity runners of all shapes and sizes defiantly inspired me to go for London this year. I had already signed up to do Paris Marathon two weeks before London with my wife, so I am running both to raise money for WWTW.

WWTW is the charity I have chosen through my workplace at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park as WWTW is currently our designated charity. Seeing the amazing work of WWTW through the hotel meant it was an easy choice to support them further.

Jerry’s Fundraising Page

Justine Delroy

Age: 42

From: Manchester

Time: FINISHED in 3:59!

Why? I grew up loving the outdoors but not remotely fit or interested in exercise. Over the last few years, not able to have a family, trail running and fell walking have become a hobby which makes me feel great and provides balance in my (otherwise office-bound, hectic) life.

Having never run a road marathon before, I decided I would attempt the Virgin London Marthon to support Walking with the Wounded. I learnt about WWTW from my friend Vicks Nicholson, and have met some of the wounded servicemen and women associated with the charity, whose courage and resilience really inspire me, and will keep me going when I’m struggling with the last few miles heading west towards St James’ Park.

Justine’s Fundraising Page

Dean Copley

Age: 51

From: Manchester

Time: FINISHED in 4:50!

Why? I’m a middle aged real estate lawyer, always been outdoorsy but never a runner and was encouraged together with my wife a friend at Walking With The Wounded to run the marathon for WWTW.

It seemed like a hell of a challenge to me, so I thought I would tap up my friends, clients and professional contacts to raise some well-needed sponsorship for WWTW and I’ve been both astounded and humbled by the response I’ve had so far. I only need to run the thing now!!

Dean’s Fundraising Page

Max Ward

Age: 30

From: London

Time: FINISHED in 2:57!

Why? I’m running my first marathon and am delighted to be doing so for Walking with the Wounded.

I’ve always wanted to do a marathon and can think of no better way to break the duck than running in London for such a good cause.

When not working and training for the big day, I can be found icing my shins with frozen peas, riding my bike or making tiramisu.

Max’s Fundraising Page

Rachel Stanley Evans

Age: 40

From: Lechlade

Time: FINISHED in 3:22!

Why? Watching the inspirational television coverage of the London marathon each year, I am often close to signing up, but to date have found an excuse not to. I enjoy running but the thought of having to put so many miles, week after week, into often tired legs, has put me off applying.

Two things have happened recently to encourage me to take the plunge. I celebrated my fortieth birthday last summer and with that the realisation that I should commit sooner rather than later. I experienced the other life changing motivation during the inaugural WWTW Cumbrian Challenge. Witnessing the extraordinary bravery of wounded servicemen battling up steep hills for hours on end was moving in the extreme. Some clearly in considerable pain, but not a murmur of complaint, you could see nothing but deep driven determination in their eyes. Full of admiration for them and the great work of the charity, I decided it was my turn to do my little bit.

Rachel’s Fundraising Page

Michael Sanderson

Age: 25
From: London

Time: FINISHED in 4:26!

Why? Coming from a family of numerous military personnel, Walking With The Wounded is a charity that means a lot to me.

I am a recruitment consultant working in London and, whilst a keen sportsman, my fitness has always been questionable so I am determined to raise as much money as possible for WWTW by running the London Marathon.

Michael’s Fundraising Page

Piers Tuggey

Age: 37

From: London

Time: FINISHED in 4:18!

Why?  I was a Captain in the Royal Green Jackets and Rifles and have operational experience of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am now a father of three and working hard in ‘civvie street.’

Having served in the Armed Forces myself, and made the transition into a second career outside the military, I know how difficult and challenging it can be.  However, to have to make that transition unexpectedly, having suffered a serious injury on operations, only serves to multiply that challenge.

To support the excellent WWTW and contribute in a small way to the work it does on behalf of fellow veterans is something I am very proud to do.  My new challenge is to rebuild some of the fitness I once had as a serving soldier and complete the marathon, raising money to help support WWTW to help others meet and overcome theirs.

Piers’ Fundraising Page

Stuart Leach

Age: 40

From Gloucestershire / London

Time: FINISHED in 4:02!

Why? This is the first time I’ve secured a ballot place for the London Marathon, and because of my own and my family’s links to the military, I wanted to choose a charity that does great work to support them. I’m not a stranger to endurance events, but a severe knee injury put me out of action for 18 months so, in a way, this does feel like my first marathon!

I have been raising money for WWTW (and the RBL) since the end of 2015 after creating and successfully completing The 4040 Challenge (40 unique missions in the 40 days leading up to my 40th birthday).

Most of the missions were 40 themed and highlights include diving with sharks, ice-climbing and running 40 floors to the top of the Heron Tower. Having already raised over £4,000, I decided the marathon will be a fitting bonus mission to finish it all off, and hopefully raise a few more vital pounds.

Stuart’s fundraising page

Carl Jaggard

Age: 38

From: Diss

Time: FINISHED in 4:20!

Why? I had always wanted to run in the London Marathon and applied without getting in for a couple of years. Then I had the chance last year as a last minute call up after someone dropped out with injury.

I ran for the RFU Injured players Foundation as, 16 years before, I broke my neck whilst playing rugby.  The whole marathon experience was just amazing, but I felt I didn’t do myself justice as I only had 10 weeks to train.

So, I applied and got a ballot place and have been training properly this year, although I felt something was missing. That extra motivation of running for charity.

Being quite patriotic and experiencing what I did when I broke my neck, I wanted to do my bit for those who do their bit for queen and country. So here I am running for Walking With The Wounded.

Carl’s fundraising page

These runners will be joined by:

WWTW co-founder and CEO Ed Parker – FINISHED in 4:27!

Ed’s Fundraising Page

South Pole team member and double amputee Duncan Slater – Finished in 5:01!

Duncan’s Fundraising Page

Please also look out for and cheer our core Marathon des Sables team of rugby league legend Keith Senior (finished in 4:40!), BBC Ski Sunday presenter and former Olympic skier Graham Bell (finished in 3:42!), Major James Watson (finished in 3:38!), Ibi Ali (finished in 3:37!)  from our South Pole expedition and Victoria Nicholson (finished in 4:27!), WWTW’s expedition manager. They will be ‘fresh’ from the desert after running ‘the toughest race on earth’ from 3rd – 13th April.

A big thank you to The Royal Foundation and Virgin Money for providing us with charity places again this year.


There will be a cheering station close to the 25 mile mark on the embankment. Look out for us and come and say hello.


Are you running the London Marathon and want to run for WWTW and be part of our team? Email

Want to run for us in 2016 to drive funds for our programmes supporting wounded veterans into work? Make sure you enter the ballot so we can get as many runners as possible taking part.


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