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Walking With The Wounded's mental health programme - Head Start

Launch of our mental health programme, Head Start

Rod Eldridge joins Walking With The Wounded to lead our new mental health programme in partnership with the NHS

The focus of the Head Start programme will be working in partnership with all key stakeholders in producing and delivering a clear, safe, effective treatment (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommended) and an ethical dimension to the overall landscape of provision.

Head Start launches at a crucial time in the changing environment of Mental Health provision for veterans.  The programme will introduce private psychotherapy from a nationwide network as well as integrating pre-treatment for those who are alcohol dependent. This will be aligned to the NHS stepped care model and promote recovery and continued wellbeing ensuring those in need maximise their life potential. It will increase clinical capacity and respond quicker to those in need within their own locality.

The primary drivers for Head Start are key issues around, access, capacity, waiting times, substance misuse, use of evidence based interventions and tracking of those that may get lost in the “system”.   Addressing these key issues provides the service user with a brand they can trust.

Our research shows that the majority of the cases will be Common Mental Disorders (CMD) such as depression and anxiety, not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as many believe. CMD and alcohol misuse are the more prominent issues .

Head Start will integrate with existing Walking With The Wounded programmes in the key areas of homelessness, training, employment and those caught up in the criminal justice system, providing a holistic approach to recovery and wellbeing.

Prior to joining WWTW, Rod held the position Regional Outreach Officer at The Royal British Legion and spent 27 years in the forces as Community Mental Health Nurse, Therapist and Senior Manager.

Rod Eldridge, Programme Manager, Head Start said, “I’m excited to be joining WWTW at a time when there is a great opportunity to better shape services in providing a clear and ethical pathway of treatment for those in need”

Edward Parker, CEO and Co-Founder at Walking With The Wounded, said: “Rod brings with him a wealth of experience within the mental health sector.  The combination of Rod’s skillset and the launch of our Head Start programme provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with others to produce a joined up and quality service which is easy for the service users to navigate.

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