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The final MDS countdown…

Our core team have been busy with heat training over the past two weeks as their 3rd April departure for the desert looms !

Keith Senior and Ibi Ali completed their first heat chamber session last week at the Sheffield University Heat Chamber and were really well looked after as they managed 2 hours on the treadmill in 40 degrees. The heat chamber helps the body with acclimatisation before departure for the desert, and will hopefully help the team to become acclimated to conditions.


Our WWTW expedition Physio, Maj James Watson and our Expedition Manager Vicks were also put to the test at the Institute of Naval Medicine this week, where our expedition Doctor Dan Roiz de Sa is based. Dan specialises in cold and heat trauma and is therefore in a fantastic position to be able to help, advice, and put them through their paces in the thermal chamber! It was a sweaty session and after 2hrs 15 mins in 42 degrees and 40% humidity they were ready for  a rest! Their bodies are acclimatising well and after 3 sessions they are already noticing the benefits and the speed at which they now acclimatise when in the chamber.

There will be more photos to come from James and Vicks next week, but this was Vicks this week as her photo was taken with a thermal imaging camera! It’s getting hot in here….

Monday will see Graham Bell joining James and Vicks in the chamber with the film crew, and Ibi and Keith have 3 more sessions to go.

Many thanks to the amazing team at Skins who have sent another load of running kit for the core team, it is currently being branded with our sponsor logos – Virgin Money – and will be shiny and new and ready to take on the desert next week. Torq Fitness have also been hugely generous with their support of specialist sports recovery powders, gels and energy bars and this will help to power the team across the dunes.

We are also really grateful to the Jerkey Company which has come on board in the last few weeks.


Finding savoury and nutritious snacks which don’t melt in the Saharan sun is a challenge, and taking the finest beef jerky is a treat. Thank you!

The MDS team leaves on Friday 03 April so their desert departure is imminent! You will be able to track their progress and listen to voice blogs as they come in from the Sahara between 04 and 11 April as they undertake this infamous desert challenge.

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