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Jerry Milner and family fundraising for his London Marathon run at Tunbridge Wells FC

Getting to the start line – London Marathon 2015

It’s not all cheering crowds and sunshine. Our marathon fundraisers have been through the mill to earn their donations in support of wounded veterans. Here’s just one of the many exceptional emails we’ve received. Jerry Milner, Payroll manager at the Mandarin Oriental agreed to share his marathon training story.

Training wise…had a bit of a nightmare. Haven’t run for 2 weeks, got 1 week to go at least before I can start again… Luckily we have one of the world’s top Personal Trainers based here, Ruben Tabares and he is now looking after me. Basically after a 17 mile run I had pains in my calves and couldn’t run again.

Turns out that my whole body is out of balance due to my right leg being 3mm shorter than my left after years of running mainly on my right….so Ruben lengthened my leg (that hurt), gave me a deep massage which apparently made David Haye (heavyweight world champion) cry. Now, when I stretch my calves I can no longer feel them, which apparently is normal, before hand I could feel them all the time, which means they are too stiff.

He has now put me on all sorts of stuff to heal up my right calf, im drinking Marine Plankton, Having Bee Pollen on my breakfast, taking loads of Sulphur capsules and fish oils, off the pasta (that’s bad for long distance runners) and eating tonnes of spinach, beans, fish etc ..and swimming and Spinning to keep me going..

Ruben also said that I have a sprinters physique so long distance runs don’t help me…so when I start running again it’s all sprint work which apparently I would benefit more from…so start with 32 x 100m sprints.

Annoyingly, internally inside me I’m now probably the healthiest I have ever been, lost ½ stone in 1 week coming off the pasta and eating healthy food and now eager to get out running…injury is clearing up now but can’t rush running back too soon..

So probably will not achieve my time goal of 3:30 now missing 3 weeks, but just aiming to get around London now….either way this experience and working with Ruben has changed my life in just over a week and have a better understanding of how the body works..

All the joys of long distance running..!!

Jerry Milner

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