Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Team Skins GB - Day before start - with packs

Grand to Grand is go!

Four WWTW fundraisers are starting today a six stage, 170 mile race through the Grand Canyon. Please cheer them on.

And they’re off.

Team Skins GB, raising money for Walking With The Wounded and the Bath Rugby Foundation will run 170 miles across the Utah Desert as part of the Grand to Grand  Ultra Marathon.

Not only do they have to carry all their own food, clothing and bedding for the week on their backs, they are running 30 miles further then the Marathon Des Sables in 35 degree heat or more, with the effects of altitude thrown in.

You can support their efforts here:

(All money is sent directly to the charities. No money donated will be used to cover any costs)

It is possible to email support during the event, which as we know from the MdS, makes a massive difference.

Email address is and you will need to use competitor name and bib number. #TeamSkinsGB comprises;

David Barnes – 226. Kate Eversole – 230. Chris Smith – 238. Stuart Doughty – 229

Meet the 2015 team and find out more about this stunning race.

Want to be part of our team in 2016? Email


Here’s an example of a typical training week for one of the team @KateEversole:

Monday: Boom. Rest day. 8 mile cycle slowly. 30 mins stretching. Pete said to me this week – what are you doing to look after your feet…apparently this is make or break if you get around. My response was I live with a beauty therapist who was a hero and managed to give me a manicure and pedicure – big up Rosie that sorted out my stupid crossfit hands and poor tootsies.


Work out 1: Crossfit Strength clean and press / WOD

Work out 3: Warmup 10 – 15 mins easy / 5 miles with 7kg back pack


Work out 1: Crossfit Strength Push press / super set with press ups

Work out 2: 10 – 15 mins easy/ 6 x max effort 30 secs with 45 secs rest, 12 x 90 secs effort with 60 secs rest.


Work out 1: Crossfit strength & WOD.

Work out 2: Run 50 mins with rucksack 7KG

Friday: 60 mins yoga and stretching.

Saturday: Hard work run – 6 miles fast as hilly as possible with back pack – 7kg.

Sunday: Rest day. Went for a hike with my mum to stretch out the old legs.

What have I learnt: 

Don’t worry about putting on weight on: As someone pointed out to me this morning my bum wasn’t a ‘french fries bum’ (which means it’s not big because I’ve eaten too much McDonalds -PETE). So girls my evidence (all be it from one source) boys are ok with big bums…just not french fries bums.

You can make little changes that achieve a lot: I have persuaded my friend to take up running and get on the exercise band wagon.I’m so proud of her – she is eating right and is exercising and has lots almost a stone in the last two weeks. We sat down and looked at what she was doing and managed to do this with a few changes – took out carbs and added in a few workouts. I’m so so proud of her and so happy that me doing this has helped someone change their life style.


Follow race updates at Grand To Grand website or @g2gUltra

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