Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Get swishing!

A fun way to swap your clothes, shoes and accessories and raise much needed funds for our veterans.

‘Swishing’ means swapping an item or items of clothing, shoes or accessories with friends or acquaintances. Many people across the world hold swishing parties to raise funds for charity, and now is your chance to raise much needed funds for Walking With The Wounded.
The word ‘swishing’ is derived from the dictionary definition of ‘to rustle, like silk’ and has recently been highlighted by the famous fashion model Twiggy in Twiggy’s Frock Exchange on TV; swapping good quality clothes in good condition. Get new items for your wardrobe for free – while supporting our veterans.
This all depends on the size of your swishing party. If a small party for family and friends then you may choose to host it in your home, but if planning on a bigger scale then how about a village hall or function room at a local restaurant or hotel?
Whenever suits you! Have a look at National Awareness Days – you might like to plan your event around one of these? Let people have plenty of notice so they have time to sort through their wardrobe and find items to swap.
We can provide you with a poster template to publicise the event and fliers to send out if required, along with wristbands to be given out to all those involved in the event, along with branded t-shirts for the organisers, not to mention our very smart pop-up banner to publicise the charity.
Those wanting to participate would be asked to pay an initial donation as a registration fee (£10 per person?). Other ways to raise funds on the day would be to have cakes and refreshments on sale (that have been donated).
Those people who register would ideally drop their items to the organiser before the event, so there is time to display all the items clearly – on hanging rails or tables for shoes and bags.
You may want to consider how to best display the items – by size range, ladies, mens, childrens, shoes or bags and accessories for example. You might like to have the first half an hour of your event as a ‘browsing time’ where people can look around, but cannot swap or claim in item until the ‘swish’ begins!
You will need to decide how the swapping will then work – and may want to use a form of ‘currency’ (buttons or stickers perhaps). So those people donating eight items would in turn receive eight buttons, that they then use to ‘pay’ for items. Those people who only bring four items in, but then wish to take six items home, would then have to make a set donation for each additional item. One or two payment desks could be set up near the exit.
Any items left over after the event will be donated to charity, or brought forward to your next swishing party if you decide to swish on a regular basis. If participants want to take their item home again they will have to have a spare token! See additional ‘Successful Swishing Tips’ below.
Walking With The Wounded was established in 2010 to raise funds to finance the re-training of wounded servicemen and women and in so doing assist them in acquiring the skills and qualifications necessary to find new careers outside the military. Our ability to fundraise effectively ensures we can directly finance new vocational qualifications and further education courses through our First Steps programme. This enables the blind, the burn victims, the mentally injured, the amputees and all the other wounded to rebuild their lives and return to the work place and in so doing provide long-term security for themselves and their families.
Also, did you know that we throw away approximately one million tonnes of clothing a year – 50% of which ends up in landfill. Waste sent to landfill sites eventually decays and creates gases and liquids that can lead to serious repercussions on the environment.
We can provide wristbands to be given out at the event, branded t-shirts for the volunteers, a collection tin and a pop-up banner if required – this can be arranged nearer the time.
Our fundraising team is keen to promote your event on our website, facebook page and twitter so please keep in touch, and email us photographs of the event.
For further information, please contact Eliza Miller, Community Fundraiser


 Once people have registered, ensure they drop off their items to the designated place before the event so they can be arranged clearly.
 Make sure there is a mirror available at the venue, and if possible a changing area.
 Give a little introduction at the beginning of the party, highlighting the charity – and also explaining the ground rules. We can provide a short Powerpoint presentation on WWTW if you will have a screen available.
 Ask participants to abide by the first come, first served approach.
 Make sure someone has a camera on the day so we can see the great work you are doing.
 Publicise the event on your own social media networks.
 Think about offering refreshments for people to purchase – and who will kindly donate these.
 Consider what you will do with any items left over – donate to charity or bring forward for your next swishing extravaganza?

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