Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Grand to Grand 2016 Team Member: Alex Horold

Why did you sign up to the G2G? 

I was alerted by a good friend that there was an opportunity to get involved with this stage race. I have never done anything like this before and it seemed a very good challenge to push me mentally and physically as I approach the big 40!!

Why WWTW? 

This is a charity I have a huge amount of respect for. I have been serving in the military for 16 years and have been involved in the care of injured service personnel from the time of wounding all the way through to their completion of rehabilitation. WWTW provides amazing support for our service personnel, assisting them with what can be an exceptionally tricky period of their lives, as they transition into the civilian world. What really makes the difference for me though with this charity as opposed to so many of the other military charities, is the emphasis on finding employment which is such a vital part of the rehabilitation process for injured service personnel. By assisting in this way, it provides the individual with a focus and sense of self worth, as well as a level of independence that they may not otherwise have found.

How’s your training going – what have you done so far, which milestones have you hit and are you happy with  where you are so far?

To say I am happy with how my training is going might not necessarily be the truth! Balancing against a busy job and family demands has proven to be quite tricky! However, I was able to complete a 60KM run a few weeks back, which has provided me with some reassurance that we are heading the right direction! As the summer heat builds here in Cyprus now, this will give me some excellent running conditions to prepare for the event.

What do you see as the biggest challenge?

I think that it is going to be the mental challenge of the repetitive long days, especially the long stage in the middle of the event. I am hoping that the comradely and the beautiful scenery will keep me going!

What luxuries will you treat yourself to during the G2G?

I have not really thought about this as yet. It will have to be anything that makes sleep as comfortable as possible! I do enjoy a good bit of sleeping!

What 1 item of food are you taking which is your treat?

A traditional Scottish Tablet – high energy and horrendously sweet, if that doesn’t keep me going, nothing will!

What will you be listening to on your iPod?

Again, I will be returning to my time with the Royal Regiment of Scotland with some sterling Pipes and Drums. Some of their music is immensely moving and has some strong ties with memories of Afghanistan. Motivational and a good beat to run to….

Is there anything which you know you will be looking forward to at the end, before even beginning?!

It will be the family. Leaving my wife and two young daughters behind in Cyprus will be a wrench. I will be really looking forward to the cuddles and hugs when I get home, and of course the faithful Labrador must not be forgotten!

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