Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


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Grand to Grand 2016 Team Member: Ian Kennett

Why did you sign up to the G2G? 

Having completed the Marathon des Sables raising money for WWTW in 2015 I was looking for another challenge – much like with the MdS I’d seen a team from WWTW complete the 2015 G2G, read their blogs and was immediately in contact with WWTW HQ to beg for a place.

Why WWTW? 

I’ve been involved in fundraising for WWTW since 2011, having been at school with one of the co founders. I grew up in a military family as the son of a soldier and I wanted to give something back. I have met some incredible and inspirational people through WWTW and have seen first hand the results of the funds raised. We have a duty as a nation to look after our wounded service men and women and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to play a very small part in that.

How’s your training going – what have you done so far, which milestones have you hit and are you happy with  where you are so far?

Training has been slow through the winter due to the usual excuses of work and apathy but I’m now back on track. I’ve just completed the Cumbrian Challenge organised by WWTW, I’m trekking in Morocco in June ( altitude and steep hills await!) and also running the Race to the Stones 100km. I’m looking for a couple of other organised events as they will measure my progress and get me used to the structure of an event like the G2G

What do you see as the biggest challenge?

The terrain and the altitude, the course looks spectacular but there is a lot of climb for my little legs !

What luxuries will you treat yourself to during the G2G?

A camera to capture as much of the scenery and some food related items!

What 1 item of food are you taking which is your treat?

Pork scratchings without a doubt !

What will you be listening to on your iPod?

A real mix of stuff, a lot of 80s music, a fair sprinkling of stereophonics, some up to date stuff from my kids and the obligatory anthems Highway to hell and Eye of the Tiger. If I am plugged in I will be singing along so I suspect I will be running on my own a lot!

Is there anything which you know you will be looking forward to at the end, before even beginning?!

A cold beer and a soft bed

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