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Ed & Duncan Walk Home For Christmas

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Ed & Duncan Walk Home For Christmas

Walking With The Wounded’s Founder and CEO, Ed Parker and double leg amputee war veteran Duncan Slater will be supporting homeless and other vulnerable veterans this December by taking part in WWTW’s Christmas campaign, Walking Home For Christmas.

They will be walking 119 miles from the WWTW London office at the Royal Hospital Chelsea to the WWTW Head Office in North Norfolk with no food or money and sleeping rough.

They depart the Royal Hospital on the 9th December and are hoping to arrive at WWTW’s office in Norfolk on the late afternoon of the 12th December.

Their route ‘home’ can be viewed here:


Why are they doing this?

Ed answered : “I want to do something to support Walking Home For Christmas, WWTW’s Christmas campaign, and help the charity raise awareness of what we do. We do provide support to a lot of veterans who have been homeless, and I have no idea of the challenges they face, so I thought this might be an opportunity to try and experience what it must be like for them. I am under no illusion this is very minor to what those who are homeless face, but I hope I will understand more about the hardship they face at the end of our walk.”

When asked what Duncan will miss the most on those few days, he said: “My wife and little girl, I love bedtimes with my daughter so will miss that, but it’s a small price to pay for raising awareness of homeless and other vulnerable veterans. I really hope by what we are doing members of the public will think twice about our veterans that unfortunately fall between the cracks in life and end up living rough.”

Will you support them on this journey, and help them ensure we don’t forget ‘Our’ wounded this Christmas.


5 Ways to Support Ed and Duncan:

1. Sponsor Duncan and Ed for £10.00 here:

2. Sign up yourself for Walking Home For Christmas and do your own walk. (It can be as short or as long as you want) SIGN UP HERE It only costs £10.00.

3. Support us on the route by coming out to fundraise or just to cheer us on. Friendly smiling faces will be a real boost. Here’s the route:

4. Let local towns and villages know Ed and Duncan are coming.

5. Get bidding and purchase yourself a pair of celebrity shoes! 


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