The Portes Du Soleil Training – Day 3

  • Daniel Majid | February 24, 2012

    After an ankle stretching, knee twisting day yesterday, we decided it would be prudent to hire some snow shoes! This was a new experience for the vast majority of the team and it took a great deal of getting used to. We looked fairly comical with a foot and a half of plastic flapping around behind us as we made our way up a relatively easy start to the day.

    However it was not long before we reached the first of three extremely steep ascents. The first was in a fire break with around a forty degree incline for 300m.  The going was fairly tough for the whole team due to the terrain, the soft snow and the inexperience of wearing snow shoes. We soon got to grips with the new equipment and by the time we reached the second ascent we were confident on our feet.

    After three very steep walls of snow we crested out onto a beautiful plateau with the sun glistening over the virgin snow.  It was a magnificent sight after walking in the shade of the forest for a couple of hours. All around us were towering Alpine peaks and we stood for a while taking photos and of course…lunging!

    After about five hours of climbing we stopped for a picnic in one of the most picturesque setting anyone has ever had lunch.  Mountains rose all around us, and virgin powder lay at our feet as we ate sandwiches before an epic descent through the trees back to civilisation. We had a great time messing around doing stupid jumps and skidding through the forest on our cumbersome snow shoes – the most useless tricks that have ever graced YouTube i’m sure!

    Today was a relatively short day, but we still gained nearly 1km in height and several km in distance.  The team are working at a steady pace and getting the miles and altitude in their legs ready for their massive challenge starting next month.

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