Francis Visits Headley Court

  • Francis Atkinson | March 24, 2012

    A week to go and still I find myself at Headley Court for the next three days being pushed by Matt, our Rehab instructor.  Despite the sound advice from Russel Brice to rest up, the excuse “Sorry I’m climbing Everest” doesn’t really help me escape the group thrashing we get on various pieces of exercise equipment.  However, my leg, arm and core strength along with my fitness have improved these three past weeks and this can only help me later on Everest.
    Today was interesting because I met a group of fresh faced doctors who were finishing their final army training and about to be released to their various “first postings”.  They were here to witness and learn about exactly what this fantastic rehab centre can offer their future patients.  It stirred some nostalgia in me, for exactly two years ago I was in their shoes, looking around and being bowled over by the patients, the staff and the facilities.  Like them, I never considered the possibility that I would be spending over three months of my life here as a patient, but then again neither did most of the patients here.  All soldiers know they aren’t invincible, but being injured rarely enters their minds, particularly career-ending ones.  I see many soldiers with injuries that are incompatable with further service and I consider how lucky my injuries are when compared to theirs.  These more seriously injured suffer an enormous burden, but WWTW is there for them to help them get their careers and lives back on track.
    To the new army doctors I wish them the very best of luck in whichever continent they may end up and be immensely proud of doing (what is in my opinion) the best job in the world.  Oh yes, and try not to get shot.  It hurts.

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