Lobuche and back again. Easy.

  • Jaco Van Gass | April 21, 2012

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    Hi, hello everyone this is Jaco here, speaking from the Walking With the Wounded Everest Team 2012. The whole team is back in Base Camp after a double summit push of Lobuche. Lobuche is a peak just over 6,000m and it’s one of the phases of our acclimatisation period.

    The last six days we’ve spent doing this – we left Everest Base Camp and we went down to Lobuche Base Camp. From there we went down to Camp Rock which is camp 1, which is the similar height to Base Camp and from there on we pushed on in one day up to the summit of Lobuche and all the way back down to Lobuche Base Camp. From there we had one day rest, preparing our kit again, getting food sorted and from there on we went on to do a summit push all the way directly from Base Camp – skipping Camp 1 – all the way to the summit of Lobuche.

    Now this is one of the most beautiful peaks ever and you get one of the best views that you can possibly get of Mt Everest, obviously our goal that we’re trying to reach.

    From there on we spent two days on the summit to try to acclimatise and not a lot happened. Obviously it’s a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’, so from there on reaching the summit, settling into your tent, conducting personal admin and then it’s just a lot of waiting, sleeping, listening to music and those who have iPads or iPhones watching movies, DVDs or whatever it might be.

    From there on it was an early start this morning; 5 o’clock get-up call, 6 o’clock start and then we made our way all the way back to Base Camp – Lobuche Base Camp for that one – and then the whole trek back in to Everest Base Camp.

    We are all now very safe and sound and with a couple of rest days lying ahead of us we all will take the time to do some personal admin: washing clothes, get a shower, hopefully a shave as well(!) and just generally chill out. That was about it.

    Well, thank you to everyone for your support. Keep supporting us – keep following us on Twitter, Facebook and the Walking With The Wounded website. And you can text ‘WALK’ to 70777 and please continue following and we hope everyone is well. Thanks you. Bye bye.

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8 Responses to Lobuche and back again. Easy.

  • Chris Wiseman says:

    Good effort Jaco and all the Guys, you do appear to be extremely fit which hopefullly stands you all in good stead for your Everest climb. Keep up the good work and God speed as you now hit Everest. Chris and Peta – Benoni RSA

  • rob says:

    hay jaco thinking of u loads with u all the way hope u are well hows martin dave franics and all the guys

  • Samantha Stevenson says:

    So many people back in the UK are following your progress and we all send you our massive support and best wishes. What you are doing is AMAZING, keep going, and we will think of you as you rest and recuperate before the big one! Go for it!

  • Craig Treeby says:

    Great stuff Jaco, good to hear you and your undoubted progress; Lebuche was obviously an important achievement acclimatisation wise – I envy you the views of Everest from the summit, they sound astounding.
    Utrinque Paratus

  • All at Eltham & Chislehurst PRA says:

    Jaco, nice to hear that the bergans on, bergans off continues outside of the Reg.
    Good to hear acclimatisation going well and lets hope ya ipod/pad/dvd collection holds out before you have to shift back to old skool magazines……..ha ha. otherwise it’ll be “I spy something begining with S”.
    Keep doing the hard yards and catch up when ya back for a beer of 6.
    All the lads at the Branch wish ya well on the expedition and attempt on the summit.

  • julie says:

    Envy isn’t the word, would love to see the veiws.You’ll be pleased to know my life is on hold i can’t tear myself away from the computer, your all doing a fantastic job i love the pics, think your all amazing but on a serious note, i think you should all stop shaving, i have space on my kitchen wall for that pic of you guys back in England.:@)

  • Maria says:

    Love to hear from you Jaco.I wish you could read all the support messages on your iPod.Your “climb” up there inspires all of us to continue our “climb” down here.We are with you all the way.Keep Walking!

  • Liz says:

    Congrats to all the climbers on a great job done thus far. I’ve gotten as addicted to following you as I was with the Row 2 Recovery guys. Wishing you all the best from New York, USA.