Jaco describes the Ice Fall training

  • Jaco Van Gass | April 25, 2012

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    Hi everyone, Jaco here. Another great day here in Everest Base Camp. Today we got the good news – we’ve finally been put into two teams. There’s 23 climbers all-in-all to climb Everest with Himalayan experience this year, and out of those 23 obviously the Walking With The Wounded group together with the camera team and we’ve been split into two and got our leading guides as well.

    From there on we did a bit of admin this morning and from there on we went on to, after lunch time, to the Khumbu Ice Field. Now, this was very exciting. This was the actual route we’re going to take, leaving hopefully on the 28th of this month; and we’ll set off during the night time, roughly about 1 o’clock in the morning.

    We’ll be following this little trek going through the whole of Base Camp, through all the other companies where they base themselves and then finally making our way into the Khumbu Ice Field. From there on we made our way up onto crampon point, we put on our crampons where it got a little bit icey and then just followed one of the head guides up.

    As we were literally walking out we could see some of the people coming down whose already preparing some of their acclimatisation phases and it was very interesting. It’s unbelievable the heat actually in the Ice Fall with the sun bouncing off the ice from all kinds of different sides.

    We went on to another point where it’s called the sherpa crampon point, where basically they put on their crampons. This was a good hour and a half, two hours walk. It was just a great insight into what’s lying ahead, so now we’ve got a visual in our head rather than being confused and dazed in the early morning hours, we now know how it looks and we can orientate ourselves.

    Coming back everyone’s feeling fine; we’re just chilling out. Over the next couple of days we’ll do some more training and we’ll keep you up to date with it.

    That’s all from me at this moment. Thank you very much – bye bye.

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