Jaco updates us on the Camp 2 trek

  • Jaco Van Gass | April 29, 2012

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    Hello everyone. Jaco here – Jaco van Gass. It is the 29th of April our second day in Camp 2, making our way up Mt Everest.

    Yesterday morning we left about one o’clock from Everest Base Camp making our way to crampon point, which is the start of the Khumbu Ice Fall, and making our way through the Ice Fall. Wen through various stages where we had to make radio contact with Russell Bryce, the expedition leader. Then making our way all the way up through various ladders, crossing crevasses, big boulders and finally getting into Camp 1.

    At Camp 1 we had a quick drink and a quick rest and from there on making our way all the way to Camp 2, which lies at 6,400m. We roughly stuck together as a group all the way for about, I would say, roughly an hour and a half into or ascent through the Khumbu Ice Fall where each individual paced roughly starting to spread ourselves out. We made our way up from Camp 1 onto the Western Cwm, approaching Camp 2 and from there on various times came in from the quickest members up to six hours from down below from Base camp to Camp 2, to other members taking just over 10 and a half hours.

    Everyone is feeling very well, everyone is doing fine. We have a rest day today, just recovering from the new height, the new altitude that we’d gained over the last couple of days. Last night was very windy, with wind speeds reaching up to 70mph so yes, […] another clear and sunny day up on the Western Cwm and we’re making our way up to the Lhotse Face tomorrow afternoon.

    From there on we’ll have another rest day and then hopefully push up to Camp 3 to spend a night there, reaching yet again new heights and new altitudes for our bodies.

    Other than that everyone is feeling OK, everyone is feeling fine and we’re all just in a recovery phase and resting up. Otherwise we’re all good and thank you very much for everything. Bye bye.

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16 Responses to Jaco updates us on the Camp 2 trek

  • Jonathan Wiseman says:

    Good luck to you all.

  • Mary Scott says:

    Keep going guys and keep safe, its such an amazing adventure! Xxx

  • Lesley Foley says:

    Keep your strength up, and keep smiling !!! x x

  • Good Luck Guys stay safe Enjoy!

  • Liz says:

    Yay team! I am very proud of all of you. Best of luck and please climb safely.

  • Megan Epper says:

    Hey guys – awesome work! Thinking of you all and wishing you good health and great weather! Megan (Bumblebee) – one of the gaggle of girls from EBC :)

  • Sarah says:

    Good luck to all! You are doing the most amazing thing – we’re all backing you all the way x

  • Cathryn Jackson says:

    Acomb Primary are still thinking of you all and following your progress. We start our day by checking out the new blogs. Look out for avalanches. We are making up songs about you on the playground to the tune of ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ and ‘I’m on the Edge of Glory’. Charlotte, James, Joel, Callum, Y5, York.

  • liz smith says:

    Brilliant – getting closer and closer. Take care x

  • Sue Hume says:

    Hi guys thinking of you all everyday, checking on your progress you are all doing great. You are a great bunch of guys enjoyed meeting you all. But do look after our mates
    Annie and Amanda for us we miss them. Good luck on the rest of your journey. Sue

  • Mary Elliott says:

    Best of luck. Fingers crossed that all goes well for you all. Take care and ENJOY! x

  • Paula says:

    Have been following your progress all the time, it’s just more than amazing what you are doing. You are in my thoughts a lot.
    Keep strong and stay safe

  • andy hawkins says:

    Hi Boys was great to see you all at base camp, good luck fellas i know you can all do this. Thats me and Chris back home and the trekkers are home bound also.

  • WWTW says:

    Thank you all for your messages of support. The team sees all your posts and they love hearing from you all back home – it really spurs them on at the more challenging and testing times.

  • Troll (Sally's Mum!) says:

    Hi there Jaco, of course I’m thinking of you = all the way and praying that you make it SAFELY. I’m full of admiration and look forward to seeing you when you get back..if you can squeeze a quick visit in to us for some more book signing etc! Love Troll xx

  • Susie says:

    Great to hear your update Jaco. I am basking in the Cyprus sun whilst reading about ice falls! You stay safe, I’m still praying every day for all of you. X x