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  • An Evening On Everest. Tickets On Sale

    July 5, 2012


    In 2011, Walking With The Wounded set a World Record by taking four wounded servicemen to the Geographic North Pole. For 2012, the charity set its sights even higher and on the new challenge, and with the help of Glenfiddich, aimed to put five wounded servicemen on the summit of Mount Everest, 8,848m above sea …
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  • Live Whisky Tasting

    May 11, 2012

    Whisky Tasting Live

    Last night, 7pm BST, the Walking With The Wounded Summit team and the Glenfiddich Pioneers participated in a world first … a LIVE whisky tasting from Everest base camp. The Team and the Pioneers were introduced by a London studio panel featuring presenter Monty Halls, WWTW Founders Ed Parker and Simon Daglish, Glenfiddich’s Jamie Milne …
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  • Glenfiddich Whisky Tasting LIVE from Everest Base Camp

    May 9, 2012


    See the live broadcast here. Following the decision to postpone this year’s Everest summit attempt, The Walking With the Wounded expedition team will be toasting their last day at Everest Base Camp by taking part in the world’s highest ever whisky tasting. The live broadcast will take place on Thursday 10th May at 19:00 (BST) …
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  • Prince Harry announces the postponement of the Everest 2012 expedition

    May 8, 2012

    HRH Prince Harry

    The news that the Walking With The Wounded Everest 2012 Expedition supported by Glenfiddich has been postponed for this season was broken by charity patron HRH Prince Harry. Speaking from Washington, having been awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award by the Atlantic Council, His Royal Highness said: “Last year, I struggled to keep up with the four …
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  • Lobuche Acclimatisation Training

    April 16, 2012

    A view of Everest

    The team has now headed off for their first series of major acclimatization climbs – the hard work has begun! On Saturday they left Everest Base Camp and headed back down the valley to Lobuche Base Camp (4910m) where they spent the rest of the day. Sadly Lobuche BC doesn’t offer all the luxuries of …
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  • A Message from Her Majesty The Queen

    April 3, 2012


    We were hugely honoured to receive a message from Her Majesty The Queen expressing her good wishes to the Everest Team. Walking With The Wounded hopes to be able to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee by successfully reaching the summit of Mount Everest in her honour.  

  • Video: Early wake up

    March 31, 2012

    Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 11.30.10

    Jaco Van Gass and Karl Hinett wake up at the crack of dawn for a flight to Lukla to begin their trek. Trouble seeing the video? Try visiting our Youtube channel here

  • Martin Hewitt: My Everest

    March 29, 2012

    Martin Hewitt My Everest

    As the team prepare to begin their journey in Napal, its time to hear from Everest Team Leader, Martin Hewitt, in the final “My Everest” interview. See the video below to hear Martin talk about coming to terms with his injury, the attitude needed to overcome challenges and how Walking With The Wounded can help …
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  • Summit Team Arrive in Kathmandu: Video From David Wiseman

    March 29, 2012

    The Summit Team arrived in Nepal yesterday evening, local time, and we already have this great video blog of David Wiseman, filmed by our on-the-ground media manager, Dan Majid.

  • The Team Departs For Kathmandu

    March 28, 2012


    Last night, the Walking With The Wounded Everest 2012 Expedition Summit Team departed for Nepal. Martin Hewitt, Jaco Van Gass, Karl Hinett, David Wiseman and Francis Atkinson will all be attempting to summit the world’s highest mountain in late May. They are also joined by Dan Majid, who will be the Expedition’s reporter and communications …
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