The Team

Francis Atkinson

Francis Atkinson

  • AGE: 30
  • BIRTHPLACE: Swindon

Military Background:
Francis was commissioned in 2003 as a Medical Cadet. In May 2010 he joined the Medical Regiment. His first tour of Afghanistan was in September 2010 where we worked as a doctor in a forward operating base (FOB).

Nature of Injury:
Francis suffered a gunshot wound to his right upper arm, causing significant nerve damage.  As a result, his right hand still does not function properly.

General Background:
Francis was born and raised in the Cotswolds. He was educated at Harrow and attended medical school at The Royal Free, Hampstead and University College Hospital (UCH) in London. He worked in Portsmouth Hospital for two years before his military training began.

Everest Preparation:
Francis’ main goal is to put on enough weight as he expects to lose two stone during the expedition.

Luxury Item:
My cashmere beanie.

Francis will miss “intelligent conversation.” He is also going to miss his loved ones, hot baths, and non-powdered milk.

Why did you want to take part in the expedition?
In Afghanistan as a doctor I dealt with injured soldiers and witnessed the severity of their injuries first hand.  When I became injured my usual role was reversed and it revealed to me just how life changing some of these injuries can be.  Comparatively, my injuries were very minor, but they have still resulted in me being unable to doctor for a year. Also, I am fortunate enough to have qualifications I can fall back on if needs be.  Unfortunately for most soldiers this is not the case and so I was already an avid supporter of WWTW and the work they do.  When I was offered the opportunity to come to the Himalayas and potentially climb Everest for them it was a dream come true, since I’ve always been a huge fan of the mountains.  Also, I believe it’s paramount to raise public awareness of our injured servicemen and I’m proud to be part of a group that will do this in such a spectacular manner.