The Team

Martin Hewitt

Martin Hewitt

  • AGE: 31
  • BIRTHPLACE: Widnes

Military Background:
Martin served eight years as a commissioned officer with the Parachute Regiment. He worked on operations and training exercises in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and North America.

He has since made the record books several times as Captain of the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team. He represented the military and Great Britain ski racing at the highest international levels.

Martin was also part of the WWTW North Pole team who successfully trekked to the geographic North Pole in April 2011.

Martin has just re-entered the record books as the first disabled person ever to reach the summit of Mt Manaslu (8162m) and is now managing the WWTW Everest Team.

Nature of Injury:
In 2007 Martin received two gun-shots through the right shoulder rendering his right arm paralysed.

Everest Training:
Through a combination of hill walking, fell running, high altitude mountaineering, and time spent in the gym. These exercises strengthen Martin’s core stability, back, and leg muscles.

Luxury Item:

Roast dinners

Why did you want to take part in the expedition?
I believe what WWTW is doing to assist our injured retrain is desperately needed and a great cause. I hope that through this expedition we can demonstrate to our public how determined our injured soldiers are to overcome their horrific injuries and move on with life post service.