The Team

Andy Hakins

Andy Hawkins

  • AGE: 33
  • BIRTHPLACE: Birkenhead, Wirral

Military Background:
Andrew joined the army in 1996 at the age of 17. He has completed operational tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq, Cyprus, Kenya, Belize, Germany and Afghanistan. Andrew is still serving as a Training Wing Senior Sergeant at Marne Barracks in Catterick.

Nature of Injury:
In August 2010, Andrew was hit by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) whilst commanding a patrol in Afghanistan. The blast caused severe shrapnel damage to both his left and right lower legs, a fractured right tibia and the loss of his right index finger.

General Background:
Andrew was raised in Wirral with his older brother but now lives in Romford, Essex with his fiancé and two children. His parents emigrated to Turkey five years ago.

Everest training:
Andrew has been taking part in cardio and endurance weight training five-days-a-week.

Luxury Item:
“My iPod”.

“I will miss my family but I’ll comfort in knowing that they will be supporting me back home”.