Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.

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Duncan’s Case Study

Duncan joined the Army in December 1989, aged 18. He joined the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) as a vehicle mechanic. During his 12 years in the Army Duncan undertook operational duties in Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo. Duncan decided to leave the army and was discharged in October 2001. Whilst in the Army, Duncan was very active playing various sports at unit level, and utilised his resettlement opportunities to train as a Personal Fitness Trainer.


After leaving the Army Duncan became a Gym Manager in Guildford and was subsequently promoted to manage a bigger gym. Duncan also became a self-employed personal trainer and built his own client base. A sports related injury resulted in him leaving the fitness industry.

In 2005, He was given the opportunity to work part-time at a fishmonger in Chelsea. Duncan became a full-time member of the team and worked for the company for 8 years, moving to become manager of a new store in Guildford in 2007. Duncan learned the trade through experience rather than having any official qualifications.

In early 2014 Duncan began working for Cornerstone Advertising, a sales and marketing organisation however this was on a commission only basis and he struggled financially, found himself behind with his rent and was given notice to leave his accommodation, which he did in February/March 2015. Duncan became a resident of homeless residence Mike Jackson House, Aldershot, in March 2015.

Duncan realises that he was very lucky to have been offered a place immediately after losing his rented accommodation, which meant he avoided becoming street homeless. During his time at Mike Jackson House, Duncan kept himself to himself and admits to being a bit reclusive and used the time to ‘find himself again’. He relied on the support of good friends to help him out.

Since living at Mike Jackson House, Duncan has received support from a Walking With The Wounded Employment Mentor in sourcing employment opportunities and assisting with CV advice and interview practice. In July 2015, Duncan’s sister paid for him to visit her in the USA for 8 days and he felt this was a big boost for him and gave him time to think about his future.

On return from his visit to see his sister, Duncan successfully secured employment with a local travel agency and worked on a commission only basis in sales. Duncan has been in full time employment in the healthcare industry since February 2016. He is part of a successful marketing team who are promoting a new product aimed at supporting elderly home care. Duncan is now the most senior member of his team and is working alongside a business development manager.

Having been successful in his new employment Duncan feels confident to look for independent accommodation and has plans to leave Mike Jackson House, which will enable another veteran to receive similar support.

Duncan Said : “I now have the energy to get up and get on with getting my life back together.  Walking With The Wounded has helped and supported me in getting back to work by helping me with my pre-interview questions. It is great to see a charity that is out there to help us, although not enough veterans are aware that this support is available.”

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