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Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.

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Glen’s Case Study

Glen enlisted into the Grenadier Guards on 21st January 1997.  During his army career he completed three tours in Northern Ireland.

On 31 March 2003, Glen was involved in a serious motorbike accident whilst travelling back to his barracks in Aldershot. He sustained injuries to his back, his legs his ankles and frontal lobe.

Glen went through several operations including bone grafts, and metal inserts to stabilise his injuries. At the time of his accident he was almost at the end of his Class 2 PTI (Physical Training Instructor) course and was due to begin a new role within the Army Physical Training Corps. Glen had hoped to be a career soldier but unfortunately his accident ended this aspiration.

As a result of his injuries Glen was medically discharged from the Army in May 2005 and was not able to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer.  As part of his resettlement, Glen completed a Domestic Installers electrician course in 2005 and for the next two years he spent time working as a domestic installer.

In 2007 Glen’s home was repossessed which led him to falling into a downward spiral and turned to alcohol and substance misuse.

Glen spent the next 5-6 years travelling between the UK and Spain, spending time with his mum who had moved to Spain. Glen felt this time away helped him in some ways but he needed time to come to terms with his injuries and the fact that he had been discharged from the Army at a time when he was looking forward to a career as a Personal Trainer (which due to his injuries he was no longer able to do). Glen had no home and was reliant on spending time in the UK with his girlfriend at the time and visiting his mum in Spain.

In 2011/2012 Glen had separated from his then girlfriend and moved in with his cousins. He began to realise that he needed to change his direction and get his life back on track.  He was on anti-depressants and pain relief.

At this time, and through a mutual friend, he met his now wife, Fiona. He and Fiona have a son of their own, Miles, who is 2 in February 2016.

Glen came to Walking With The Wounded to support him in retraining and improving on his existing qualifications. The Domestic Installers qualification allowed him to work on domestic properties but he wanted to obtain his JIB Gold Card which would permit him to work in all areas (domestic/commercial/Industrial).  Glen said the JIB Gold Card is his “ticket to employment”.

Prior to his application, Glen was at the point of considering taking out a personal loan to fund his course, but he realised that this would be detrimental to him financially, long-term, but he was keen to improve on his qualifications to help him gain sustainable employment.

Walking With The Wounded’s Employment Mentor, Lesley, helped Glen though his First Steps application providing guidance and advice.

The funding the First Steps programme provided Glen with enabled him to obtain his JIB Gold Card which has turned his life around.

Glen is currently doing electrical work via several agencies. He finds working through an agency can be easier than being in a permanent contract because this allows him to take time off in between work if his back gives him too much pain. He is currently involved in a 3 week project in central Manchester, and hopes to eventually find a position within a company that is right for him.

Glen was also  involved in the BBC DIY SOS Big Build project and spent time assisting with the electrical installations. He enjoyed the experience and has developed good relationships with the other veterans that were involved in the project.

Glen describes his biggest achievement so far is having his son. Glen has found that he has now got a purpose in life, and that he is now motivated to do things. He is now happy in what he does. Everything he does is for his son.

Glen commented: “Walking With The Wounded has changed my life – I am now married with a young son and everything in my life is positive.  The charity has given me more opportunities than anyone else in life.”

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