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Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.

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Nathan’s Case Study

Nathan joined the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment in September 2006. He was medically discharged from the Army due to an injury to his right leg sustained whilst attending a training course. Nathan was deployed to Afghanistan twice (Op Herrick 08, and Op Herrick 13).

His full medical board took place in December 2014 (during the Christmas leave period). He received a copy of the Board’s ‘recommendation’ that he be medically discharged, however the official notification was not received until the second week in February (2015). This official notification allowed Nathan to access his resettlement entitlement earlier. He was then supported by the Education Centre on his military base to get everything in place.

Nathan attended DMRC Headley Court for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and during this time he was supported by Social Workers who helped him with his AFCS and Pension Scheme documentation. They also put him in touch with lots of people who would be able to support him when he left the Army.

He was discharged from the Army in August 2015 so life as a civilian is all very new to him at the moment. He feels it is so much harder than he thought it would be and that he is still adapting to the reality of being out of the Army. He agrees with everyone who had told him how difficult it would be to adjust.

In late 2014 and whilst still serving in the Army, Nathan attended the RBLI Lifeworks course. This course is designed to provide ex-service personnel with the tools to help them secure employment following discharge. Nathan found this very helpful and he was assisted him in developing his CV and helping him to recognise his transferrable skills. This was organised by the Parachute Regiment Welfare team.

As part of his resettlement, Nathan attended courses at his PRC (Personnel Recovery Centre) and completed his Health & Safety at Work, Fire Safety at Work and his Manual Handling at Work courses. All of which last for 3 years. He also attended a Barclays AFTER course which helped him with his CV and interview techniques.

Unfortunately, the Parachute Regiment were unable to provide full funding for his electricians course, and with the start date of the course being 10 days away, Nathan found himself under a considerable amount of stress and pressure. Nathan said he was in a “proper dilemma”. An application to the Walking With The Wounded, First Steps Programme helped fund the shortfall.

Nathan is extremely grateful for the support he has received from Walking With The Wounded.

He is currently 4 months into his electrical course, which is due to be completed in February 2016. He is doing well and passing his exams with distinctions. Following completion of his course, Nathan aims to find employment with a local company, but he is keeping his options open and has said he is happy to travel to where the work is.

He has been helping his brother-in-law out, who is a qualified electrician, to gain some work experience.

Nathan said “Walking With The Wounded have been spot on in their support”. The First Steps application process has a few hoops to jump through but he is really grateful of the support Walking With The Wounded has given him and he said it was good to know that there are organisations like us out there to help people like him.

Nathan took part in the DIY SOS Big Build which has been a great experience and he has really enjoyed himself. Nathan got the opportunity to see his training in a ‘real life’ situation instead of just in a training environment. He can now see things better and see how everything all links together – he can picture things much easier now he has seen things in practice.

During the build Nathan was involved in various electrical tasks including installing ring circuits, lighting, running cables through ceiling joists and wiring circuits into consumer units via main circuit boards. He also assisted other trades (bricklayers/carpenters/plasters) within the house-builds at times when the electricians could not progress.

Nathan commented:

“I am grateful to Walking With The Wounded for their support.”

“I have really enjoyed being part of the DIY SOS Big Build. It has been great to have input in helping someone worse off than myself.”

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