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Head Start

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Ex service personnel

Head Start offers ex service personnel access to quality and effective treatments for mild to moderate mental health conditions.

If you would like mental health support please book an appointment with your GP who will be able to submit a referral on your behalf to Head Start.

Remember to tell your GP that you have served and that you may be eligible for private therapy under Head Start’s service.

If you would like any further information please call a member of the Head Start team Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on 01263 863906 or email

Head Start FAQs

  • I’m still serving, am I eligible for Head Start funding?

WWTW supports ex-service personnel, however if your discharge date has been agreed and you’re registered with a GP we can support you in your last 12 weeks of service as you transition from the military.

  • I have not deployed on operations and/or my mental health is not directly related to my time in the military, can I access Head Start?

Yes, you do not need to have deployed on operations or have a service attributable mental health difficulty to be referred to Head Start

  • Can I refer myself?

Head Start are unable to accept self referrals, all referrals are to be submitted by a healthcare professional e.g. GP

  • Do I need to be registered with a GP?

It is a requirement that you’re registered with a local GP before a referral is submitted to Head Start

  • Do I need to make any financial contributions?

If your referral is approved, up to 12 sessions will be funded for you through charitable donations.

  • What happens if I cannot make an appointment with my therapist?

Therapists who support Head Start typically require a 24 hour notice period. Therefore appointments need to be cancelled in advance of 24 hours of your appointment.

Due to therapy being funded by charitable donations, if you fail to attend your appointment or cancel outside of the notice period we are unable to fund extra appointments to replace the appointment(s) unattended and funding may be withdrawn altogether.

  • What if I don’t like my therapist?

If you have special requirements please let Head Start know in advance and where appropriate your requirements will be met. On meeting your therapist, please remember you’re not there to make friends and therapy can be hard work. However if you have concerns with your therapist it’s perfectly acceptable for you to talk these through with the therapist. Where your concerns cannot be resolved please inform Head Start and we will take the appropriate measures.

  • I am already receiving support from the NHS or another care provider can I access Head Start?

To avoid duplication of treatment and confusion it is preferred you complete current treatments with your existing care provider before accessing Head Start.

  • I would prefer Head Start support instead of NHS support, can I be referred straight in to Head Start?

No, the NHS takes primacy in providing support and therefore need to be explored in all cases before a Head Start referral is considered. However if your local Wellbeing service have a waiting list in excess of 8 weeks and/or your mild to moderate mental health needs cannot be met by the local statutory service then Head Start would view these as extenuating circumstances.

  • How far will I have to travel for my appointments?

A therapist within a 20 mile radius will be sought; this radius accounts for those in rural remote areas. Therefore your allocated therapist will usually be much closer.

  • I have previously received therapeutic intervention such as CBT and EMDR can I be referred?

If you have previously had successful therapeutic intervention such as integrative, CBT, EMDR then Head Start’s offer will be less than beneficial for you and your referral declined. However if you believe you require a top up of therapy, then Head Start would consider approving a lesser number of sessions. If this applies to you please ensure your referrer includes ‘top up’ as a key point on your referral.

  • I think my mental health may be more complex than mild to moderate can I access Head Start?

Head Start primarily supports individuals with mild to moderate depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder and PTSD who can benefit from 12 weeks of face to face therapy. Therefore, if your needs require longer term care and additional resources then Head Start is perhaps not the most appropriate service for you.

  • If I’m approved for Head Start funding how long will the process take?

Once your referral has been approved Head Start will post you an introductory pack. Within this pack a consent form (with freepost envelope) will be provided. If at this point you would like to engage with Head Start and commence therapy you will be required to return the consent form within 3 weeks. On receiving your consent Head Start will allocate you a therapist within 10 working days. Your appointment with the therapist can be scheduled the very next day or a couple of weeks depending on yours and the therapist’s availability.


For emergency support please view our list of appropriate support providers below. You can download a printable version by clicking here

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