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Marathon des Sables 2016

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Duncan Slater



You can support Duncan in his MdS challenge here:


Dedicating his life to the R.A.F. for over a decade, Duncan was parachute qualified and worked mainly with airborne units. In July 2009 whilst serving in Afghanistan during operation ‘Panthers Claw’, an Improvised Explosive Device (I.E.D.) blew up Duncan’s vehicle. The only unbroken part of his body was his right arm. After 12 months of rehab it became clear that both legs must be amputated in order for Duncan to be able to walk pain free.

‘When I was blown up I thought that my life was to be limited, I was told by my doctor that I would never walk or run without pain again. I was determined to prove otherwise. I want to show others that amputees can do anything…to have the opportunity to help a charity that is willing to do so much is beyond words.’

In 2013 Duncan Slater became the first double leg amputee to ski to the South Pole as part of the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge.   In 2016 Duncan will be the first double leg amputee to undertake the MDS, and we hope, will complete the challenge to make it into the record books once more.


Why did you sign up to the MdS?

I signed up to take on the Marathon des Sables for two reasons really – firstly, to prove that a double amputee can do it (I am the first double leg amputee to take on the MDS, let alone finish it) and secondly raise funds for the charity, Walking With The Wounded.


I have witnessed first hand what they do and the value in what they provide to wounded ex-servicemen and women.  They are different to other charities.  The support they provide vulnerable veterans is invaluable.

How’s your training going – what have you done so far, which milestones have you hit and are you happy with  where you are so far?

Training is going OK, it is steady but so far no injuries which is great!  I have been doing a lot of my training in Thetford Forest in Norfolk.  It will be down to the wire with my legs!

What do you see as the biggest challenge?

The double marathon day.  I am not looking forward to that day.  It will be the furthest distance  I’ve ever done and I don’t like the idea of crossing the Sahara in the dark!

What luxuries will you treat yourself to during the MdS? 

I will definitely be taking the same hit flask I took to the South Pole in 2013 and filling it with hot chocolate!

What 1 item of food are you taking which is your treat?

No doubt….pork scratchings!

What will you be listening to on your iPod?

During the day I suspect I will listen to very little music as I will be running with my training buddy Chris.  However I will be using my ipod a lot at the end of each race to wind down and relax me before I try and fall asleep!  I will listen to Acker Bilk  a lot, really chills me out and makes me zone out.

Is there anything which you know you will be looking forward to at the end, before even beginning?! 

A cool bath or shower.  Just the idea of fresh running water after 5 days running in the dry Sahara will hopefully encourage me to get to the end!

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