The Team


Simon Daglish

  • AGE: 45
  • BIRTHPLACE: London
  • FAMILY: Married to Emma 11 years, Oscar (9), Felix (8)
  • POLAR READING: DDay by Antony Beaver
    Anything by George McDonald Fraser
  • EDUCATION: Duke of Yorks Royal Military School
    RMA Sandhurst

Why have you agreed to be part of Walking With The Wounded?

The military can sometimes be hard, it is unlike any other career, the only one that licences you to kill and in turn be killed. Having said that you don’t join the army for this. You join out of a strong sense of belonging of doing a job that requires selfless giving and a unique level of teamwork. That team work has not been forgotten. It is now up to those who are no longer serving to help those less fortunate and have given so much under that sense of selfless duty. These woundedmen and women will soon fade from the headlines and but their injuries will forever be with them as they try re-build their lives. Walking with the wounded will be my little way of saying thank you and helping to raise funds so vitally needed to help these brave people back into some sort of “normality”.

Team Member Profile

I work and live in London. I have been married for 10 years to Emma who took 12 years to say ‘yes’, we live happily with our two children in Battersea. I work for fox interactive media as the commercial director across great brands such as MySpace and IGN. Being in the social media arena is fascinating and ever changing, it is wonderful to be part of such an extraordinary revolution.

How have you found the training so far?

Most of the training at the moment is about getting my slightly under used muscles back into action. However, having been to the South Pole it all feels horribly familiar. The gym is again my friend and that blasted cross trainer, will be my constant companion for the next 18 months or so. Pulling tyres through London, all those strange looks, funny parts of Richmond park and tooting common will again be visited by a bloke pulling a set of Dunlop’s on rope behind him.

What are your daily activities?

I’m pretty good about getting up in the morning – unlike the rest of my family! Breakfast is with the family generally desperately persuading two under 10 year olds that they are not teenagers yet and that they must get a move on and get ready for school.

I hate public transport and therefore cycle everywhere, generally cycling in the summer is quite enjoyable as long as you manage to miss the buses, winter is less enjoyable! Each day in the world of digital media is different, although I am lucky to work with a bunch of highly motivated, inspirational young people. Sadly I am now the oldest in the office, it seems like only yesterday I was the youngest but the industry is constantly changing so this keeps me up to date. I generally don’t get home until after 8:00 in the evening so just catch the children before they go to bed…not necessarily to sleep.

Because of my propensity to resemble a space hopper I am on a strict diet of salad every night, even polar food can be better than those leaves!