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  • Ivan Castro Talks About The Training and The Challenging Trek in Telluride

    August 21, 2013

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    Hey Everyone! I had a great week  in Telluride, Colorado with Team Commonwealth, Team US, Charley Mace (Soldiers to Summit), and our guides Inge and Eric.  It was sure nice to get back to the room after our long days exploring all the amazing Colorado adventures that had waiting for us. It was great to …
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  • Therese Frentz Sends Her Updates From the No Barriers Summit in Colorado

    August 21, 2013

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    What a week! I just returned home from! An exhilarating, yet tiring, trip in Telluride, Colorado. Both the US and Commonwealth teams met there for the No Barriers Summit. I naively thought it was going to be a few days of socializing and networking to get the word out about the South Pole Allied Challenge. …
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  • Ibi Ali and Conrad Dickinson Doing a VO2Max test with Speedflex

    August 16, 2013

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    Team Glenfiddich’s Ibrar Ali and Conrad Dickinson did a VO2Max test with Speedflex this week. Speedflex is one of Team Glenfiddich’s individual sponsors and hosts individually focused cardio and resistance training sessions in a group environment. The Speedflex system generates resistance levels based on the users force. Sessions comprise the innovative Speedflex machines and additional …
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  • Last Day in Colorado

    August 13, 2013


    Great picture from the last day for Team US and Team Commonwealth in Telluride, Colorado. “Following the Via Ferrata, canoeing, cycling, we finished the training with a hard hike through the mountains surrounding the town. Walking uphill is one of the best types of training for pulling a laden pulk across the polar wastes. Both …
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  • Team Commonwealth Interviewed On MSN Nine

    August 13, 2013

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    Check out the interview by reporter Lizzie Pearl with Heath Jamieson and Seamus Donaghue, the Australian members of Team Commonwealth‬, on I Wake Up With Today – Nine MSN.

  • Team Commonwealth and Team US Training in Telluride, Colorado

    August 9, 2013


    Great photo of the US team and Commonwealth team training for the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge in Telluride, Colorado this week. They were doing the Via Ferrata in the mountains above the town as part of their preparation for the race in Antarctica. “While we won’t encounter this sort of terrain …
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