Ibi Ali and Conrad Dickinson Doing a VO2Max test with Speedflex

WWTW | August 16, 2013

Team Glenfiddich’s Ibrar Ali and Conrad Dickinson did a VO2Max test with Speedflex this week.

Speedflex is one of Team Glenfiddich’s individual sponsors and hosts individually focused cardio and resistance training sessions in a group environment. The Speedflex system generates resistance levels based on the users force. Sessions comprise the innovative Speedflex machines and additional exercise modalities allowing people of all fitness levels and abilities to achieve a total body workout. Sessions are high in intensity but remain low in impact, providing a highly efficient exercise regime with very low risk of injury.

“We’re very excited to be involved with the Walking With The Wounded South Pole Challenge. We have no doubt that training at Speedflex will add an extra dimension to the team’s preparation for the expedition.The on-going health and wellness assessments will allow Ibi and Conrad to track their fitness gains and monitor their body composition in the lead up to the challenge.

The Speedflex system allows for complex exercises, using a range of muscle groups at a very high intensity with little to no risk of injury. We’re looking forward to working with the UK team and wish them the best of luck in the challenge in November.”

Paul Ferris, Managing Director, Speedflex Europe Ltd

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