Prince Harry, Team Glenfiddich, Updates The Voice Diary On The Day After The South Pole Arrival

WWTW | December 17, 2013

Expedition Patron and member of Team Glenfiddich Prince Harry reflects on the journey behind the teams and presents the endeavour trophy, on Saturday 14 December, the day after the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge reached the Pole.

“Got to the South Pole yesterday, so today is Saturday, really really great day yesterday.

All the guys and girls have done an amazing amazing thing to get there […]

It was a great privilege for me to be able to present the trophy to all three teams, […] obviously we’ve decided as a draw which I think is without doubt the best decision, on that it always was going to be a draw, the taking part not the winning. The race itself was there mainly to get the interesting going, a bit of friendly banter between myself and the Aussies that spotted out of control, and just a little bit of a challenge for everybody: when you got so many military personnel from different nations involved in an expedition like this it was always going to be complicated, so rather than putting everybody on a list and keeping everyone to heal it was always worth for four days having a good old race and see what the outcome was. […]

A few minor injuries, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess and no one has any regrets and the race was great fun and whichever team would have won in the end if we would have gone on for ages, would have shared the trophy with everybody else. Anyway that was certainly our plan. The trophy has been shared by all three teams a which has been absolutely fantastic.

First, second, and third, is not worth anymore. It’s about taking part and I know it sounds cheesy but everyone is a winner out here, they have been training for one year now and taking out here and complete this voyage makes a winner in their own right with or without a trophy, with or without a piece of cheese slice as they call it. The endeavor trophy has done its job and everyone has crossed the finish line together.”

– Prince Harry, Team Glenfiddich 

YOU can still make a donation to coronate this legendary expedition and help us reach our fundraising target of 150,000£, all money raised will go to Walking With The Wounded to help us make a difference in the lives of our wounded servicemen and women:

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15 Responses to Prince Harry, Team Glenfiddich, Updates The Voice Diary On The Day After The South Pole Arrival

  • Karol D says:

    The voice diary link doesn’t appear to be on this page?

  • Kathy says:

    Just great . And what a victory for all. Have a wonderful holiday with well deserved warmth!!!

  • Debbie Dzurko says:

    Each and everyone of you who endeavoured this journey are true heroes to me. I admire and applaud your determination and your hearts for spotlighting the amazing military people who risk life and limb for our countries and for peace in our nations. I am humbled by your selfless journey.

  • Kinda sad in a way that it’s over. I enjoyed cheering You on. <3 Glad to get You out of that cold though.

  • Janet says:

    Yeah – I agree – sad for us spectators – but glad you’ve done what you set out to do and everyone can be home for Christmas with such a great sense of achievement. we’ve been watching you and catching up with any new posts,so now there’s a void – Happy Christmas – a posive New Year 2014 – knowing that where there’s a will there’s a way. I can really appeciate you saying Harry how proud you feel to have been part of their journey – walking with the wounded soldiers, they are nothing short of amazing – they have been an inspiration – they somehow put us to shame – so no more ‘whinging pom’ about any small thing – that’s my new year resolution.

  • Wow! What an effort each person has put into this event! I feel the objective was achieved….many more people are now aware of wounded warriors’ desires to get on with their lives and to continue to contribute. They worked through terrific challenges and were very well supported by the celebs who participated. Thanks to all for a most exciting milestone!

  • Kim Norris says:

    The link is not bringing up the voice diary. There is only the photo and the written (partial) summary. Technical problem?

  • Lori Ann Glier says:

    Dear Prince Harry,

    Would love to hear your video diary!

  • Lori Ann Glier says:

    Dear Harry,

    If you are flying bye Saskatchewan please do stop in we sure would give you a warm welcome!Yet it may be cold like South Pole!

  • johar says:

    its a great privilege and honour for me to read the all news and updates from Our Lovely His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Their Great and Brave Heroes, words aren’t enough to describe my self, i just say i and my family so luckiest in the whole world because we have a Great, Angelic, Down to Earth, Beautiful, Awesome, Nice, Humble, Brave and Blessing People Like You All <3 May God Bless To All Great Heroes and Your Families. i and my family Wishing A Very Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year To The All Great Heroes and theirs Families from the bottom of my heart.
    God Bless.
    With Respectful Regards.
    Johar and Family

  • linda gray says:

    What an incredible journey for each one of you. So glad you all are safe and sound and will be home for Christmas. I can’t find the words that are adequate enough to say how much I admire you all and thank you for your courage and strength. Love you all. Safe return. Linda xxxx

  • Great work guys and congratulations on reaching the pole! The teamwork thing rings much nicer in our ears than the race. Even if it was a bit of a race to the pole in 1911, on expeditions you race towards yourself. Good to have the guts to change it. Best of luck, and there should be one bottle of whiskey left in Novo after our party ; ) Cheers,

    The Finnish Climbing Expedition you met in Novo,

    Pekka, Timo and Pata

  • johar says:

    Love You All Great, Blessing, Angelic and Brave Heroes <3 <3 <3 <3 Your Never Ending Noble Cause Work is Much Much Appreciated.
    We Pray For Yours All From The Bottom of Our Hearts.
    God Bless
    With Respectful Regards
    johar and family

  • Gwynwyvar says:

    Hehe. why am I not surprised the original race idea came up over banter between Aus and the Brits? Us, competitive? Nooo.. Say it isn’t so!

    Anyway, glad it worked out.

    Truly huge congratulations to every member of every team! From all the trials (even before the start), it looks to have been an amazing event and achievement for all, even support staff!

    Hope you can all get warm soon. And every one can go home happy being equal winners…
    (Even if I think Team Soldier On was holding back to blitz everyone… especially the Brits lol)
    Just kidding truly.
    You are all Awesome!

  • johar says:

    Many Congratulations and Greetings To All Brave Heroes, for Your Great Success. We Love You So Much, Best Prayers with Greetings To You All Blessing and Great Heroes from The Core of Our Hearts <3 <3 <3 <3 and we so glad to Looking forward to hearing your coming Humanitarian Noble Cause Initiative. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KEEP IN TOUCH <3
    Best Wishes with Respectful Regards.
    Johar and Family <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE YOU SO MUUUUCCCCHHHHH :)

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