Ed Parker: Cyclone Chases Team Out Of Antarctica

WWTW | December 18, 2013

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“We all arrived safely back in Novo yesterday, having the second half of the expedition team being picked up from the South Pole […] – it is about an 8-hour flight back to here in Novo.

 Now on a very blustery, very snowy day, with a blizzard coming  – well a cyclone actually – we are about to fly out to, well we are about to be dragged out on the back of a skidoo to our Aleutian aircraft. That Aleutian aircraft will be flying us back to Cape Town, where we have a few days of decompression before returning home to our loves ones.

 The extraordinary thing is here in Novo, surrounded by snow, it is around 20ºC warmer than where we have been. We are all just wearing jeans and no gloves, we are so acclimatised now to the cold but it is time to go get a little warmer.

 Thank you so much to everyone who has been following us, who has been giving us an enormous amount of support. We understand that the charity has been raising lots of money from our efforts, which it is ultimately all about, that and making people aware of how extraordinary our wounded men and women are and how they are able to challenge themselves in the future.

So thank you all so, so much for all your support and please watch this space. “

-Ed Parker, Expedition Director  and Team Noom Coach mentor

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14 Responses to Ed Parker: Cyclone Chases Team Out Of Antarctica

  • Pierrette Agen - Mom says:

    It seems the adventure continues…
    Thank you Ed for the update.
    Again, congratulations to all for you have achieved something very few people would. So proud!
    Chris, we can’t wait to have you home, in a warm comfortable house with Max at your side sharing your many stories.
    Safe travels to all.

  • Kim Norris says:

    Thank you Ed for the update and the great leadership. I’m so impressed with WWTW and how y’all prioritized the safety and well being of the veterans. Who even knew there were cyclones in Antarctica?!? I’m afraid Therese will go into hyperthermic shock upon returning to South Texas but as always she’ll adapt. So proud of everyone involved and so impressed with Arqiva and the quality of the transmissions. Best to all.

  • Amy says:

    Congratulations to all of you. You are truly inspiring :).
    Stay safe, get warm, get home :)

  • Lori Ann Glier says:

    Dear Team,

    Stay safe ! -5 with a blizzard here blizzards of all kinds do not stop us we continue on .A cyclone is just another test and challenge you are going to just plow through it!
    Deep respect ,

    Lori Ann

  • Karol D says:

    Thanks for the update, Ed! Alex Skarsgard fans are less than £150 from £10k raised! (Without massive corporate donations even!)

  • Lori Ann Glier says:

    Dear Team,

    As , in the fairy Tale Wizard of Oz the Cyclone brings hardship this is just the beginning of the start of your new journey in life. As Dorthy and her friends travelled together , they saw a life of pure bliss, yet we can be true to our selves and if we have learned something on our last journey we know that life and people all over this world struggle and have challenges so when you get back home to safety , to warmth of your homes .Please when when you start this journey always know the hardship that in a few seconds natural disaster can create.Yet , when we have faith and work together we are strong!
    This is a very powerful time and you are very good leaders for our future.
    All the best to this journey we call life!

  • Cheryl and Jerry says:

    Nearly at the end of a memorable journey and a nice Christmas dinner (not dehydrated) to look forward to.
    Best wishes to you all

  • Brian Downey says:

    Everyone will be in Cape Town today, time to relax, eat like you never seen real food before. The journey continues and again as one allied force, all for one and one for all you could say. All of you have accomplished so much. Proud of all of you
    Thanks for the update Ed.
    Talk to you soon in a warmer climate Chris, Proud of you. DAD

  • Glad You are all getting out of there! Safe Journey! *Maybe I can direct that cyclone to land The Prince here in The Emerald City* ^^ Wishing You all a *WARM* welcome home!!

  • johar says:

    Love You All Great, Blessing, Angelic and Brave Heroes <3 <3 <3 <3 Your Never Ending Noble Cause Work is Much Much Appreciated.
    We Pray For Yours All From The Bottom of Our Hearts. We Wishing A Very Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year To You All with Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, May The Blessings of Christmas Be Always With Yours.
    God Bless.
    With Respectful Regards.
    johar and family.

  • Gwynwyvar says:

    hope you all got out ahead of the Blizzard and are safely acclimatising in Cape Town.

    The thoughts of being in Jeans and T’s in below freezing has my shaking in cold lol.

    So glad this fantastic cause has raised so much awareness and money! Hope the linked Aussie, Canadian and US causes have also seen some follow on support too.

    Congrats all on a fantastic job well done!

  • Lori Ann Glier says:

    Not sure If Prince Harry can get to the Emerald City :).
    Although he is more than welcome to our Queen City if the Cyclone takes him that way I would be honored to have him as my guest at a Ceremony at The Government House.We could further discuss ” Mission Success”
    Stay safe!

  • davina.hooper says:


  • johar says:

    Many Congratulations and Greetings To All Brave Heroes, for Your Great Success. We Love You So Much, Best Prayers with Greetings To You All Blessing and Great Heroes from The Core of Our Hearts <3 <3 <3 <3 and we so glad to Looking forward to hearing your coming Humanitarian Noble Cause Initiative.
    Best Wishes with Respectful Regards.
    Johar and Family

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