Chris Downey, Team Commonwealth, Talks About His Training for #VMLM2014

WWTW | March 3, 2014

“Once again Walking With The Wounded has offered myself and the other wounded an opportunity that for most will only happen once.

Thanks to their hard work and dedication, they have chosen wisely to partner with Virgin Money again. After the amazing support they provided us in reaching the South Pole, they have once again stepped up to the plate.

Like many of my fellow wounded members, this will be my first Full Marathon!

Another opportunity to challenge myself, help others and to hopefully encourage or motivate at least one person out there to take that first step.

This is also, a challenge that I truly fear! something I never admit to myself or to others however, it is the truth. It is no secret to many of my family and friends that I hate running. Making this challenge even harder to achieve yet, crossing that finish line will be even more rewarding.

So far the training has been difficult and I continue to struggle each day. It is hard to start every run but, when completing each run I am given a glimpse of what awaits at the finish. It’s hard to believe that less then 4 years ago, my fear was not seeing again, not walking, not being able to eat or breath on my own.

The recovery sessions painful, the surgeries countless and exhausting.

Many times I struggled to find the drive and motivation to push, to work through it and to even get out of bed. I managed to beat those challenges thanks to friends, family, support, drive, motivation and more importantly belief.

Once again, I am relying on these same people and a group of new friends. From the staff at WWTW, the staff at VM, the countless volunteers, supporters, friends and family. The number is far to great for me to understand and as always, I will for ever remain indebted to them.

With so many believing in me and the others, I can promise you all that the belief within me burns strong and I will see you at the finish!”

– Chris Downey, Team Soldier On

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2 Responses to Chris Downey, Team Commonwealth, Talks About His Training for #VMLM2014

  • Annie says:

    Chris, this is so inspiring. I am absolutely in awe of what you have accomplished so far, and I know that you will continue to astound us with your courage, strength, and determination. Best of luck in everything. We’re behind you all the way!

  • Me Again says:

    You guys and girls are my heroes!
    Never give up. Never give up. Never give up.

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