Author: Chris Downey

  • Remembrance Day – by Team Soldier On Chris Downey

    November 11, 2013


    Early on I was taught the importance of remembrance day and the importance of remembering all those that had sacrificed so much for the life we are living now. The sacrifice not only made by the men and women who served and gave their lives, but also the sacrifice made by all their families – …
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  • Unexpected Gifts While Training In Norway

    October 2, 2013


    It has already been two weeks since our departure from Norway and our great adventure. Yet once again I find myself sitting on a plane heading west. Home is my destination this time. Unfortunately, the aircraft we are on board does not offer movies or TV. Like on the bus in Norway, I am filling …
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  • From The Darkest Place On Earth To The Top Of The World

    September 4, 2013


    Why would I start a blog or chapter with a photo? It goes back to one of the most popular and accurate sayings:  “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Unfortunately, I have never been accused of being a great photographer. Luckily the photo above was taken by Charlie Mace, our Telluride coach! We approached …
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  • The Icelandic Journey Comes To An End

    March 19, 2013

    Arctic Trucks

    At 11:05am we loaded all of our luggage on the “bus” i.e. the giant ex-mobile missile platform! Once all the luggages were on board, we all climbed in and took our seats ready for the two hours ride to the Airport in Keflavik, Iceland. 30 minutes into the ride a familiar song breaks out for …
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  • Back From The Glacier After Five Days

    March 14, 2013


    After five amazing days on the Glacier and fine tuning our polar skills, we returned to the lodge and gathered for a meal fit for kings & queens and celebrate our journey and successful Icelandic adventure. We all told our great Glacier war stories, admitted some of our less brilliant moments and laughed at all …
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  • A challenge where it is difficult to be competitive

    March 9, 2013

    Chris Downey]

    After a week of learning and practicing all the skills required for polar travel, we are now ready to embark on a 5 day trek on the Glacier and simulate the South Pole 2013 Allied Challenge expedition that we all hope to achieve. We will be pulling all of our own equipment and food. Everyone …
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  • Langjokull Party for Team Commonwealth

    March 6, 2013

    Arctic Truck

    First time skiers aka Aussies! Great day here on the Glacier with -35 degrees and 60 mile an hour winds. Our Arctic Trucks driver Stefan, who was born and raised here in Iceland said to us: “One of my coldest experiences on the glacier!” That’s how we knew we were in the right spot for …
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  • It’s all about prep work!

    March 2, 2013

    TeamCommPrepare skis

    We have spent the last couple of days being kitted out by Helly Hansen. We then spent our time building, preparing and modifying our gear. We also had to build our own ski systems, and had some great one to one time with our guides. They surely know their stuff and all you can do …
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  • The adventure begins!

    March 2, 2013

    Chris Downey

    After a quick stay in London we have moved on to Iceland for two weeks of fun, learning, adventure and of course many laughs! We have spent the last couple of days being kitted out by Helly Hansen. We then spent our time building, preping and modifying our gear. We also had to build our own …
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