The Race


3 teams, 335km, 16 days, -35°C, constant winds, life changing injuries. This is not your average race!

Three teams of wounded servicemen and women are embarking upon on one of the most high profile expeditions of modern times, racing across 3° to the Geographic South Pole. Wounded from the UK, the US and the Commonwealth (Australia and Canada) will embark on this grueling challenge

Why? To show the world the extraordinary courage and determination of the men and women who have been wounded while serving our countries, and to remind us all of the help and support we owe them.

When? Following extensive training, from cold weather training in Iceland in March, to team training through the summer, and a final session of snow preparation in October, the teams will fly to Antarctica in November. They aim to reach the South Pole around 17th December 2013.

Where? The South Pole

Please follow their progress through training and during the race, and ‘Support the Walk.’

(Image Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio