Role: Team Member
Regiment: Royal Canadian Air Force
Injury: Burns, internal injuries, loss of right eye, facial rebuild
Home Town: Coldlake, Edmonton, Canada
Date of Birth: 25/05/1981

While Chris is excited about going to the South Pole, he is even more enthusiastic about the chance to be a part of Walking With The Wounded. He hopes to show others with injuries that they are not alone in their personal battles.

Being a soldier was always Chris’s dream and at the age of 18 he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as an Aviation Systems Technician. Chris was posted to Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment in Alberta and was later selected for deployment to Afghanistan in early 2010. Whilst on a foot patrol, an IED detonated near Chris and his team, killing one of his best friends and Petty Officer 2nd Class Douglas Craig Blake.
As a result of the blast, Chris suffered shrapnel wounds, burns and lacerations to his thighs, upper body and face, a collapsed lung, a broken and shattered jaw and right hand, two aneurysms, the loss of his upper lip, all his front teeth, and upper gum, and the complete loss of his right eye. ‘This challenge provides the opportunity to complete another mission with my fellow soldiers, and a chance to prove that we can do anything despite our injuries… whether suffering with cognitive or
physical wounds, the challenges can be overcome with hard work, determination, and belief.’

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